Thursday, 17 December 2009

Oh I have sinned.....again

OK, hear me out. I went up town after work to buy some Converse low rise pumps and bought this cardie too. It was in the sale reduced to £20, keep in mind I will not be taking a coat to Cyprus and so this looks perfect for the plane plus the chilly nights. So far so good.

I could not decide between blue or green Converse, and so went for blue. i wanted both, in fact I rather wanted the amazing glitzy zebra print ones too. I asked to try the blue ones on and was told they did not have my size. The assistant pointed to some identical ones and said they had my size in that style. being rather old and not 'on trend' I asked what the difference was. It was it appeared a silver strip along the base. Nope I did not get it either.
So I have my converse sans silver strip. I figured they would be more use for clambering around whilst taking photographs. Birkenstock's are great for the urban environment but I now need to alert you to the fact that the village has snakes.... I once encountered a cockroach whilst taking a shower, my scream pierced the night setting the dogs off. I got out of the shower got dressed and marched through the village in the pitch black to rant at Emin (who was down at his aunts house) for leaving me to suffer at the hands of these evil flying machines. When I arrived at the aunts house, shampoo dripping from my wet hair the women all threw their hands in the air and laughed, how could I be scared of a little bug and not be afraid of snakes? Well I'm not, although I probably should be! plus I had not realised they were so prevalent. I was however a little wary of the 2 six footers mating at his other aunts.
So that justifies these beauties does it not?

Ok, the cashmere was on is an investment I tell you..... honestly I needed's COLD..The damage? One really awesome quality black +J cardie and.. well I don't need to say it, suffice it to say it is sooooo lovely and cosy and will be something to look forward to on my return. Whereupon I will check in to a rehab clinic for those addicted to grey knitwear. I promise.


materfamilias said...

That cardigan is cashmere?? For 20 pounds? Why would you even dream of confessing to that as a sin? You should be boasting about your major shopping mojo!! And those Converse look nothing but practical. Very cool, and practical. Have a good holiday -- I'm looking forward to loads of photos.

auntiegwen said...

I will be in the bed next to you. I have a shameful amount of cardigans and the vast majority are grey.