Monday, 14 December 2009

The view from here

It has been such a long time since I did this journey, the last time was probably after Daisy was born and before Kitty's arrival. In those days you could buy a ticket and take pot luck finding a seat or book a seat but know if you missed your train another one would be along soon and you could at least get on it.
Now you have to book your ticket months in advance for a specific train OR ELSE which if you knew the how disorganised I was combined with the vagaries of travelling across London is not easy.
So early Saturday morning stressed, I managed to get Leyla and Kitty on the train and meet my sister, it is quicker than driving but very stressful I am not sure I will do it again for a while. Poor Kitty and daisy will however have to next week.

Mothers new house is very nice, we braved the center of York after brunch, Leyla was mesmerised by Cliffords Tower and the wall, but keeping tabs on her was so stressful in the heaving mass of Christmas shoppers Mother gave up and took her back to the house. This was after Julia had taken Kitty back who was very tired after the early start.
I felt really unwell, probably stress, so Lucy and I gave up soon after and reconvened to a nearby pub and watched the football scores. This of course really pissed off Julia who swears we deliberately leave her out of EVERYTHING she is convinced we see each other ALL the time. We both thought she had gone home not back to Mothers so Christmas dinner (which was vile and virtually inedible) was a rather strained affair.
It was lovely seeing York through fresh eyes, I wish we had had more time to show Leyla around but instead Lucy paid for them to go ice skating next to the Cliffords Tower which they loved and had to be almost dragged off the ice when their time was up . I did try to soften Julia up by treating her to a warming glass of mulled wine whilst we watched them, we then had a buffet back at Mothers sans atmosphere as my aunt and uncle arrived giving the rather highly strung family dynamic a lighter feel.

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