Tuesday, 8 January 2008

New year focus

For me shopping for clothes fall into two categories.
The first is the random browse, when I can I enjoy just looking and dreaming and very occasionally buying something with little thought as to how the item will slot in or work with other pieces. The outcome of this way of shopping has approx 50% success rate in my wardrobe. Looking back over last year throws up some real howlers, 2 sequined edged camisole tops that need another camisole underneath because they hang so low, various cardies that are shaped so long they can only be worn with trousers, the multi duplication of grey cardies, when in reality I end up wearing the same one.
Along side this comes some success stories too, like the long brown marle cashmere cardie that looks lovely and feels even lovelier.
The alternative way to shop is subject specific like shoes or the skirt I needed for the holiday. This way of shopping is very painful takes hours of traipsing backwards and forwards but if successful has the highest wearability %, everything I buy like this gets worn because it fills a void.
So if I was to make a list of specific needs and wants It would go like this
Black trousers wide leg, wool or wool mix.
A green combat style skirt, edgy, knee – calf length, thick cotton with 2 large patch pockets.
A well fitted black or navy mac single breasted minimal fuss shower proof.
Black or navy fabric low rise converse pumps with a velvet lace.
A very dark charcoal grey v neck cashmere jumper.
2 esoteric patterned pleated knee length skirts in mercerised cotton or heavy silk.
I will print this list and endeavour to stick to it like glue until Easter, when of course summers wants and desires kick in.


materfamilias said...

so funny -- I have the charcoal v-neck cashmere jumper (very plain, Banana Republic got on sale January 2007), wide-leg wool pants in a charcoal, combat-ish heavy cotton knee-length skirt (last year, Mexx), a pleated silk olive-and-brown knee-length skirt (also BR). We obviously share some style values/interests.

indigo16 said...

same taste but smaller waist I suspect, as I havnt been into Mexx since Leyla was born! Counting the days for Banana Republic though.