Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Order from chaos

This blog is to help bring some order and structure to the chaos, Hopefully to share with some others creativity and a desire to create.
The photos are of my office space, no room to work but it harbours so much, to create I spill into the classroom and work with the students.

Today I must
1. Start blog
2. Send application forms for impossibly fabulous jobs
3. Paint some more stripes
4. Mark exam folders
5. Gym
6. Be a mother

Today I wish
1. Go shopping for clothes
2. Finish painting water colours
3. Paint lots of stripes
4. Put work on Flickr
5. Start pebble paintings
6. Hire a cook to feed impossibly fussy kids

Today I am looking forward to
1 .Chelsea Flower show
2. Royal Academy buyers day private view
3. Half term
4. Summer holiday5. Spending my budget on lots of lovely oil paints, new scanner, printer, and D.S.L.R

1 comment:

Kim Carney said...

hey, that looks just like my house ;)