Saturday, 4 August 2007

God give me strength

An afternoon in the park. the dog ate the sandwiches so I lost my temper, but the sun is shining and I am finally painting, as is everyone else, like mother like daughter. I am nearly bankrupt after various shopping expeditions so paypal has been cashed and we are ready to go to Cornwall . The alpha male thawed briefly to narrate the excitement of a security alert at Liverpool st station everyone was evacuated but him. Now on planet fantasy this is where they shoot him, he has Muslim tattooed on his forehead and he carries a large rucksack, just one bullet is all it needs, all be it a silver one, but no they thought he was a bloody policeman! lucked out again.

Back to code red after a bag of rubbish was found on the floor......One of my secret vices has been to steal You magazine and read Liz Jones's Diary, her car crash of a relationship has always left me smug thinking yeah I cracked that cultural divide nut, I tamed the younger man (8years younger) but the white flag is slowly being raised, I just do not have the energy to rise to his relentless demands. If she thought hers was a slob, wife swap with me she would return home thinking she had died and gone to heaven. Roll on Cornwall ,oh, but wait, my mum.. not much different, bless her.

P.S Yes Daisy's hair colour is natural and totally awesome.

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