Friday, 11 January 2008

I Wish

This is the picture I grew up with, I managed to convince so many people it was a portrait of me when I was growing up, It seriously does look like me when I was a child. The long slightly sad face, my hair was that length and that colour, plus ALICE is clearly written in the top left hand corner so I would explain to visitors that it was the Italian spelling for Alison! I really love Modigliani's work the colours he uses and the way he paints. Particularly the way he champions the long face and the more voluptuous figure.

Probably the best painter that ever lived, when you see his work in the flesh it positively glows, he is able to paint and capture light so perfectly that a print is just not the same.

Van Gogh
I first saw some paintings by Van Gogh when my Grandad took me to London to see the Post Impressionist exhibition at the Royal Academy in the mid 70s . The whole day out was a revelation and was a huge inspiration to me. I saw this particular painting on my first visit to Amsterdam It is so utterly beautiful you just want to be there in the garden, you can almost smell the flowers

Ivon Hitchens
Of all the 2oth Century painters this one is my favourite painter again much better when you see his work in the flesh. I love the loose brush marks and the colours, one of the biggest influences on my recent foray into oils

A painter whose work is so perfect I just wish...


La Belette Rouge said...

What a lovely collection of paintings. You are so pretty, if Modigliani's Alice looks like you :-) There is a bit of Gauguin in this painting, don't you think? It is not exaggerated like a lot of Modigliani's portraits.

As I said on my post, I love the depth and colour of those curtains. He was amazing.

I struggle with images that have been over exposed and that are on book bags, calendars and coffee cups. I know Van Gogh is so important to the history of art and clearly a maverick,yet I can barely see that anymore for all the commercialized copies. The price of fame, I suppose is overexposure.

Sorry to go on and on. I will stop myself. Just so happy to find your blog. Thanks for posting on mine--which led me to yours :-)

ParisBreakfasts said...

Thank you for the Ivon Hitchens reminder!

simplyKate_ni said...

Hello There, I love those paintings very much! wonderful! I love the work of art! It's fascinated me. I'm glad to see your blog! loves reading them all. If you have time kindly stop and visit my blog sometimes. Thanks