Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Lets hear it for the girls

My daughter has morphed into Dora the Explorer, she is doing her Duke of Edinburgh Award which seems to require copious amounts of camping and hiking. Rather annoyingly I seem to have to drive her 100 miles into the countryside so she can hike 20 miles, why can't she just walk there ? A bit of a carbon footprint issue here.

I am still unhappy with her from Friday when she borrowed my phone and then forgot to phone my workplace to tell them I was ill. On planet Daisy this was not an issue I was stuck at home doubled up because my body appears to be able to produce enough prostaglandin hormone to kick start a ward of overdue mothers. I managed to pop two of my girls in 55Min's this lasts over 4 hours so I lost a day then spent Saturday mooching and did not go to the RCA exhibition but absolutely will next weekend

So whats good? I finally ordered a new scanner, printer, digital SLR and a Lumix so finally I can Archive all my B&W photography from 6 years ago when I had time to spend in a darkroom then came the Leyla monster and all changed I have embraced the digital format and the tumbleweed blows across the darkroom. Looking back at this blog I do not feature enough photographers so over the next 2 days I will feature my favourites

today it's the girls

1. Fay Godwin I was taught to print by Peter Cattrell he printed for her, her B&W is good but I love her colour more

2. Sarah Moon her work is exquisite and ethereal buy the book Coincidences to see more

3. Francesca Woodman powerful and tragic a lot of her photos are at

4. Julia Fullerton Batten although mostly commercial her use of colour and shape is an inspiration

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