Thursday, 3 May 2007

What makes me happy

Easter holiday memories are fading fast..
This is the best time of the week for me. Lunchtime Thursday and the hard teaching is done with just some older students left until Monday morning bliss.
So I reflect on what makes me happy
1. Studio time, often time stolen from teaching but a practising artist makes for a better teacher.
2. Going to see my sister, I generally end up clearing up a chaotic flat but its somehow easier when the mess isn't yours and the recipient is so grateful.
3. Walking to the station, I gave my car up last Christmas it was a gas guzzling money pit now I get the train to work and the pleasure I get from watching the seasons change is immense, I now feel I unwind before going home to the demands of my three girls.
4. A clean and tidy house, totally unattainable but on the rare occasion everyone is out it can happen and I sleep better for it.
5. Pork pie and strawberries, I live with a Muslim so no pork in the house. A treat like this is lovely and now the strawberry season is here its delicious.
6. Making a necklace, I love beading, its the ultimate wind down and I get the bonus of a lovely necklace, that's if my mum or sister don't get there first.
7. A chilled glass of rose from the fridge and Japanese crackers, I cant wait.
8. A holiday to look forward to, Its what keeps me going as do the memories.
9. Tadpoles in my pond, I could watch them all day.
10. Spring, its the best time of year everything looks fresh and new.

Last but not least you cant beat the unexpected hug from your very own children its the best.

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Kim Carney said...

those are wonderful!