Saturday, 24 November 2007

Random Facts

I recently got tagged by 8 random facts. I did recently respond to a tagging for "8 things nobody knows about you" so I am guessing the theme has evolved somewhat. So whilst the previous post focused on my anonymity this list will focus on what my friends and family know all too well and if they were to ever read this they would nod their head with a resigned sigh and agree "yes that is the Alison we all know and love" well you get the drift of the sentiment anyway. Whats funny is I started to write a list last week and then began to theme the answers before the penny dropped that the idea was RANDOM. sometimes I despair.

No 1. If I reflect over past posts I realise that one area of my life that remains slightly under recorded is my love of food. I love food, seriously, I love eating out, eating in, just eating. I did like cooking before I met Emin I cooked from an early age and can if need be rustle up a feast. I cook a lot of food from scratch because Kitty reacts to e numbers etc so Pizza, pasta, curry, noodles are all home made. I just wish I had time to bake. I seriously can NOT say no to cake. Favourites are Lemon drizzle and coffee and walnut.

No 2. Before I had Daisy I would meet her father after Pilates and go and see a film, any film, indie. main stream, blockbuster, week in week out. I love going to the movies I still get a thrill. So it is bizarre that most of my favourites grew on me via the DVD. In no particular order my top 10 would be 1, Amadeus, 2, LemonySnickett, 3, Blade Runner, 4, Gladiator, 5, Howards End, 6, Sense & Sensibility, 7, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 8, Life of Brian, 9, Funny Face, 10, The Three Muskateers

No 3. A red top head line recently said " CHELSEY HATES LEEDS" It should also have said .."but Man Utd hate them more" I told you I liked football, but the reference is more to illustrate that I grew up in a tiny West Yorkshire village, we moved there from the south when I was 8 years old. I was bullied for my colour, teased for my accent, but I learned to adapt. The village was close to the Leeds Utd football training ground and at least 2 stars lived there, one day a man asked us directions to their houses and then told us he had the League cup in the back of his car,he was delivering it to them, would we like a picture taken with it? well yes we did but Ive lost the photo and no one would believe me now but we have held the League cup and what a fine piece of silver wear it was.

No 4, I love out sized furniture, I sleep in a super king sized bed, my dining room table measures 6 feet x 4 feet and as for my 2 sofas they are mahoosive.

No,5. My favourite word is Moose... I love the sound of it, the word not the animal. Strangely my sisters cat is called Moose, Emin's dog is called Aslan (Lion in Turkish) Lelya thought we were all mad. My favourite annunciation of the word moose comes via Woody Allen, years ago at school during lunch we would go see a friend who worked in a local bakery and on radio 1 at 1 o'clock they had a slot called "fun at 1" they once played a sketch from Woody Allen about shooting a Moose, it is THE funniest dialogue you will ever hear.

No 6. this is the best commercial EVER made. EVER.

No 7. I am obsessed with medical/pathology programmes. CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, House you name i I love it. I wanted to be a children's physiotherapist but I was c**p at science so ended up teaching, so theese programmes represent what might have been.

No 8,I believe that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I am not overly religious but this is my ethos for living.

It is not commonly known that I am shy well kind of, so I am unable to Tag others primarily because my favourites seem far too high up blogdoms food chain. Seriously can you imagine The Satorialist doing this? or Camilla Engman? so I will graciously accept the complement and leave it here, thank you.


materfamilias said...

That was fun, especially the commercial -- wonderful!
btw, do you still do Pilates? I've been at it 2x weekly for years now -- keeps me a tiny bit taller than I would otherwise be!

indigo16 said...

Sadly no, I did it for 10 years my teacher was so good when she moved to West London I found it difficult to do with anyone else, that and it costs a fortune here. Done propery it is fantastic and cured a dreadful back injury. As my midriff expands maybe I should go back!