Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Sally Scott

I am seriously addicted to geek fashion for more brilliant photos from YET another Japanese clothes site Why do they have such diverse fashion labels?
Kitty is going to her first Trick or Treat outing tonight when I grew up reading Peanuts this American celebration was an anathema to me, now its big in Blighty too. Like most celebrations its been hijacked by big retail giants. That said she is really looking forward to it.

Mary Temple

The etheral beauty of projection see more at

Nutre Arayavanish

I had a lovely email from Nutre recently thanking me for featuring her on this blog back in June. Nutre has updated her website which is full of beautiful jewellery and well worth a look. It also features dates of future exhibitions to see her work on show.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Books on there way to me

All these purchases have been inspired by reading the blogs of others so a big thank you to anyone who recommends a good read. I cant wait to read them. One book got left behind due to the long wait but I will add it to next months basket.
I have two visitors to London in November. First is the sister from " up north" who is working for a week down here. Second is my globe trotting uncle an Englishman who lives in Australia but currently working in Moscow he is coming here to renew his Visa. He has not been to London for 10 years so he wants to see what's changed. I have put a small itinerary together for him which includes Canary Wharf by DLR and the entire Southbank from the Design center to the London Eye, any other suggestions gratefully received although his visit is less than a week. My other sister is back from Cuba and loved it so that's another one to add to my wish list.


A beautiful photo of beautiful clothes.

I want but cannot find

This is my hearts desire for this winter, I found a pair in Zara but it had a leather sole which is just too painful to walk in, but I shall keep trying

Quai Branly Museum

Number one on my wish list of places to visit, sadly nowhere will be open at New Year when I am there so I may need to do a sneaky run over when St Pancras opens next month. I have finally started to draw again so I must be feeling a bit better, I am now waiting for the rest of my paints to arrive and then begin.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Ann Wegmuller

I saw Ann Wegmuller's work at the current exhibition on at Bankside Gallery but this site has a broad selection of her work to see, it looks a lovely gallery.

Marthe Armitage

Beautiful hand printed wallpaper from

Weekend from Hell

I don't like to moan but... tough I just can not keep It in. I had meant to go to Oxford for 3 days I ended up going for just 1 day. Friday, Emin turned into Rumpelstiltskin and DEMANDED that I stay and supervise the builders I endured a 30 minute rant about my selfish hedonistic behaviour and lack of responsibility over the loft extension. I felt this was a tad unjustified as we are paying a project manager to over see the work, why manage the manager?
Day 1 Friday the builders told us we had 30 minutes to leave for the day as they were knocking part of the ceiling down so Emin looked stupid but said nothing, so I bundled my stuff in a suitcase and waited till 3o'clock when I was allowed to leave London, 4 hours later in Oxford I sat down to a lovely roast dinner.
Day 2 Oxford with Leyla and Kitty and my Mum, Hell, total hell, 3 people needed attention. My daughters turn into the rudest most hideously argumentative children you will ever see.
Day 3 We were supposed to go to Kew Gardens but a slow start plus rain and wind plus no trains to Kew meant we went back to the Tate Modern. Girls behaviour see above. Daisy was left to revise, her Eczema is so bad she can barely write and she has f***ed up her DT project so tears and sadness there too.
Home by 6 o'clock Emin a tad calmer but could I feel more miserable..
Day 4 Work, thank God

Thursday, 25 October 2007


On a day like today sometimes its better to stand outside the gallery.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Richard Winkworth I saw some of this artists work at the John Martin Gallery It reminds me little of some of Elizabeth Blackadders early still life paintings but richer.

Ann Demeulemeester

I really really fell in love with these, I was initially searching for a patent leather pair of brogues without any success, then these appeared so so lovely but at what cost? well I guessed £200-£250 tops ha no way $880 can you believe it and to think I chose procreation over these. I must be mad. And no, black coverse will not bloody well do.

Please Mr Rocha

You get this when you eat...


A recent survey suggested that most European men would like to sleep with a French woman. Most European men have actually slept with an English woman.. We may not look so hot but we are having fun!

Yesterday I finally made it to Dover Street market, what a surreal place much bigger than I thought and surprisingly accessible. Leyla was happy too, toilets AND a selection of mirrored changing rooms to play in. Monster heaven. Seeing Ann Demeulemeester clothes in the flesh, amazing, the prices amazing too but so was the quality. Also of note beautiful jewellery.

Open letter to John Rocha I love your clothes but why tuck them away in a shop all be it a beautiful shop with no display windows? Half the fun for us SE postcode bumpkins is pressing our nose against the glass and dreaming. Opening a clothing emporium in a former pub with beautiful Georgian glass squares is no fun, nor is an empty shop with girls wistfully staring out. Gripe number two why does the collection you design for Debenhams bear no relation to your catwalk show? Please, less clothes, but with a more personal touch.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Sian Bonnell The year 12 students are currently studying still life and this was unanimously their favourite site to visit, very clever, watch for the wibble wobble!

Monday, 22 October 2007

A Small Collection A small but perfectly executed idea, check out the videos. I am not the first to feature this site but I like it enough to add it to my wish list.

Full Circle

Yuki Torii from the spring summer 2006 not topical but still very lovely.

Simply Lunch

On Fridays I am stuck in the new building with no facilities so I make do with Sainsbury's finest and my own company. 99% of websites are blocked. Thank you Kent County Council so its a lonely place to be.

Louise Bourgeois

The best exhibition I have seen so far this year, just brilliant. Yes its half term already, criminal I know.

Doris Salcedo

Leyla getting cosy with the Salcedo installation Shibboleth (is a word used as a test for detecting people from another district or country by their pronunciation) at the Tate Modern. I first saw Salcedo's work at Stockholm's museum of modern art a beautiful gallery designed by the same person that did the Tate Modern similar feel but more intimate. This is a fantastic use of the space and packed with visitors including a toddler with her head down it!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Key Notes

I guess Mrs Fashion is not the editor of The Guardian magazine because today it stated "It's all in the details this season add just the right accessory to pull an outfit together and create a sharp new look" Not quite what she was advocating last week! An open message to the young girl on my station platform last week it is no good wearing the key seasons coat with funky socks if your going to accessorise with a Tesco carrier bag. It just kills the look. Buy a bigger bag. To the older lady on the platform gorgeous coat, bag and shoes but NO NO NO to the black diamond tights a lovely outfit ruined. O,nly school girls wear those tights thankfully not mine though, they are too grim. Instead coloured opaques would have looked so much better.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Deborah Kerr

Deborah Kerr 1931-2007

I loved this film and was sad to read of her death today, check out double page spread in the guardian to celebrate her brilliant career.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Glimpse I have ordered this from It is a joy to order from a company that posts world wide, this book looks like a brilliant scrap book of some of my favourite blogs.

I want never gets

all from if you are ever in Japan I would like one each of these