Tuesday, 26 October 2010

So no internet

I have been left with two computers neither can access the Internet so until next Monday I am off line, I am keeping busy despite more than one person wondering what I do with all my time. The list of clearing, sorting and organising is endless, but with the help of some Ikea storage I am wading through it along with cleaning, walking the dog and going to the gym, you know all the boring mundane crap that keeps us ticking over.
Talking of exercise ladies I urge you to do your pelvic floor exercises as my aunt has just undergone surgery to correct a bladder problem which could have been avoided with the said exercises. Surgery has failed and so she is back to square one when all she had to do was suck it up a little!
My second story concerns Mother who has belittled my efforts at the gym with a sly sneer having always trumpeted her own exercise regime, as if she has one. Well boy did her chickens come home to roost because she is crippled with back problems because clearly she was not exercising or toning her abdominal and the Doctor could not believe how weak her hamstrings and glutes were. You see Mother, it is all well and good to walk everywhere but toned quads will not hold you up without at least some nominal hamstring muscle, so now she is having to do physiotherapy to develop some kind of support and who is laughing now? Ha

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Tables and Chairs

I only began to notice the amazing array of furniture the galleries brought with them at the end of the day last year, this year it was one of my focal points and as I was quite early I noticed that many of the staff used the quite mornings to catch up on paper work or their emails. This made for me some lovely solitary vignettes and in fact I preferred the photographs to show how the staff related to the tables and chairs as some were clearly more about the visual impact than the comfort of the sitter!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sartorial Frieze

The skirts
I will never tire of skirts, there is no one length I love in particular but the shapes here are wonderful, particularly the second from right, which I guess must be Miyake pleats.
Grey Tops
The far left top was so lovely a mix of chiffon and merino wool, my favourite is the third from right, I love the scooped back particularly with the ankle length trousers. Next to her is 'that' Stella McCartney's coat as lovely in the flesh as it was on the catwalk.
It's All in the Detail

I love that leather shawl a genius way to update a dress, the denim skirt in the center is just sublime, if you look at the cut and raw selvedge, what's not to love. The second on the right I think would look better if her vest was red but I loved the lace back and red bag.
Cream Luxe

I Can't wear cream, I would spill something so I will just be content to gaze longingly at a colour that represent s a lifestyle! One of leisure!! Seriously the second on the left was my favourite every layer was so light and creamy.
Splash of Colour

I would really really love to own the first dress on the left, a really beautiful combination of acid yellow and dark grey wool. in fact I love all of these.
Gallerina Black

And these, it appears Gallerina's favour black so as not to detract from the art work what I love is despite a dress code they all look so different. What these photographs struggle to tell is the height and size, the girl on the far left is tiny whereas next to her the woman is at least 5'10. I loved the third from left, especially her scarf and second from right looks lovely with the silver pendant and those metallic jazz shoes.
Brown Bag

Another blog stole my thunder, in fact two blogs did because That's Not My Age went to the private view of the Louise Bourgois exhibition I want to see. I am not an altogether happy bunny but what can I do?
My sartorial images I hope convey the amazing breadth of style on offer. I love the way Frieze mixes up student style + Gallerina black and the very best of dressing for a certain age.
Trying to grab photographs was not easy as I was using my SLR, but it has an awesome zoom lens which made composition easier. I of course tend to focus on my personal favourite themes so not much that is wacky here. My main style focus is the silhouette I love seeing how people play around with shapes and textures. A fashion editor was bemoaning how the whole Mad Men Zeitgeist was already dated as it hit the shops as most fashion editors were rushing to channel the new silhouette from the Spring Summer 2011 shows. This to me completely misses the point of fashion and style, which is to take a thread and weave it into that we already have. That is why I can show you these photographs now and in 5 years time and I bet you there will be little that has changed in terms of overall themes. We will always covet the battered brown satchel, brown will always look lovely with grey. Cream will always ooze luxury and Gallerina's will always rock black.
I could happily have snapped a hundred more.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Time to stand and stare

I had a wonderful time, I am so pleased I went over two days because I missed so much on the first day. Of course having to leave at 2.30pm didn't help the first day I had to rush back and take Leyla to her violin lesson the second day one of the sixth formers had to be escorted back to school as her mother did not want her to make her own way home!
It has taken all day to organise half the photographs, I saw some wonderful sartorial style and some fantastic art work. I loved it so much I am seriously toying with going to Basel next June.
More tomorrow.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Louise Bourgeois @ Hauser & Wirth

Would it be really fatuous of me if I said these fabrics would make great dresses?

A new gallery is opening on Saville Row and I have read that James Hyman Gallery is expanding too so good news for us Londoners.

I am counting the hours until Thursday which means I will be posti-lite for a few days but I promise you it will be worth the wait.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Daniela Gregis @ Few & Far

There is a lovely looking shop called Few & far run by Priscilla Conran who's design ethos really strikes a chord with me. Just looking at this display from the website and I know I would love the clothes sold there. One of the designers featured is Daniela Gregis, further research unearthed these stunning pieces.

Again I love the splash of acid. Another destination to visit probably after I have wandered around the V&A because don't forget I will be both Emin AND Leyla free this half term Oh I am so looking forward to it, No au-bloody-pair either the peace.... of course there is a hall ceiling to paint shelves to dust but only once I have exhausted myself having fun first!

images from here

Friday, 8 October 2010

Something for the weekend

Well maybe in a few weekends time, these genius platinum Irving Penn prints will be on show at the Pace MacGill Gallery in New York from 23rd October. If I win this weeks roll over euro lottery I will fly first class to see them myself. Some wonderful images of stylist Manon Gigoux's work found here

and with the rest of my winnings I will buy a beautiful regency town house and fill it with furniture from Mint please click onto this link it is my most favourite home page ever, I could gaze at it for hours!
Then onto Indenfor & Udenfor, quite frankly I would buy up the entire shop, I love the stuff so much.

A more achievable target will be to visit these two exhibitions in a couple of weeks time. First up all my favourite Japanese designers in one space at The Barbican. 30 years of Japanese fashion from 15th October ..sigh
Then across London to the V&A to see Shadow Catchers from 13th October. When I very first began revisiting photography one of my early obsessions was pin hole and photograms. These artists focus on pushing the boundaries of the latter to create such amazingly beautiful and somewhat ethereal images. I have posted my love of Susan Derges before but this work by Adam Fuss look stunning too.
The reality is the same old housework routine plus a house party miles from home. Emin did toy with the idea of getting a cleaner in but I don't think anyone would put up with him for more than an hour. Instead I will chip away at the effortless chaos.
I have achieved very little this week other than a lot of research and gazing longingly at the catwalk images from style.com. plus knock off a couple of essays for Kitty. Oh and Daisy got a job, hallelujah, I felt the weight rise off my shoulders at that news. This review is an excellent example of how I see things differently from other. I would very much agree that James Laurenson was superb
Note to self, get on with some work.