Friday, 25 February 2011

New York Look Book

Compiled before the new York fashion marathon was over, slim pickings was one and all,only Alexander Wang seemed to raise the bar this year. I appreciate much of the business is commercially centered rather than ideas and inspiration based but even so...I have been reading snippets from various sources about the whole sartorial blogger v the shows. Carine Roitfeld in particular is quote as being somewhat puzzled as to why there is such a photographic feeding frenzy outside the shows with blogger's eager to snap those on there way inside as well as competing with each other outside. There speaks someone so removed from reality it is because we can't get inside that we are so keen to observe those wearing it outside.
Finally we can see in the flesh those who publish and so we get to see if they practise what they preach, the Internet is a wonderful thing it will never supplant the editorials but it does scratch the itch of those who crave a glimpse of reality untouched by the brush of Photoshop.

Lyn Devon



Oliver Theysken's Theory

Jeremy Laing

Jenni Kayne

A post dated post whilst I am in warmer climes.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


If I ever opened a shop it would pretty much look like this, I have never seen so much of my favourite stuff in one place, everything from shoes to jewellery to all the clothing is so beautifully curated and best of all they have a look book which appears to updated regularly.
The dress on the left is by Complex Geometries a brand I have a feeling I have featured before, you do not need to have read this blog for long to see why I love this tunic.
A post dated post whilst I am in warmer climes.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lady & the Sailor

Another heavenly shop not over here, I love the concept behind it and the following pieces are my favourite, although you would be forgiven for thinking that I may have to be sectioned if I carry on buying stripy tops! That scarf however would tick numerous sartorial boxes for me.

A post dated post whilst I am in warmer climes.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sartorial Style for the Great British Seaside Holiday

Are these not just wonderful? All from Haversack.

All this is for my Cornish look book! Yes I will be in St Ives for just one week this summer so watch out you surf mothers because I'm watching you!

I will also be in Weymouth over Easter and Brixham after our week in Cornwall so all things nautical are rocking my boat!

I love these looks below too, they are almost edible! We do not have a Steven Alan over here but I am pretty sure I can track much of this down in my own wardrobe let alone other shops. images from here

As this post appears I will be sunning my self in Mediterranean climes!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Saundra Messinger

If any of you buy American Vogue you will have seen this gorgeous fashion spread beautifully styled and photographed, I have not bought the magazine for years but this one was interesting not least because of this necklace. I have coveted a necklace like this for a long time but have only found brass versions, I can't afford this one but it has made me more determined to keep trying.
You can drool over more here

I am away for a week hopefully basking in some Mediterranean sun!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Wardrobe watch Tom Loves Cos

On a whim after a very random discussion with my tutor group I decided to be Tom this week, why? Well they were discussing gay icons and for some reason there was a heated debate as to whether Jerry was in fact gay! I am there only to facilitate! But I did bring back memories of sitting on the sofa laughing at the cartoons that seem to pop up all the time. I had no idea but they still do only you need Sky to see them which I don't have, the students recognised the 3 opening bars straight away.
My dad used to be able to tell the year each one was made and whether they would be vintage or not, he obviously had awesome long sightedness and an ability to translate roman numerals in seconds because even with a pause button I would struggle to do that.

The one posted above from You Tube is my all time favourite.


The mask was too small, I made a bigger one for the rest of the week but did not realise until too late so you will have to forgive my elongated neck.

This skirt was reduced by 70% in COS sale, a bargain, it is wonderfully soft, hangs like a dream and will cross the winter spring divide.


This dress from COS was overpriced and I have hardly worn it however having seen it worn with a skirt it looks so much better, so it will be worn more this spring.


Mmmn not sure about the proportions of this.


LOVE this one although I could have sworn it was a dress, but when I put it on with leggings I felt too exposed so swapped them for trousers, I love it.


Not at all what was planned but I am down to the dregs of inspiration this half term, but I have done well and would probably have had one more weeks worth sans repetition!

I am away for a week but have left numerous posts to entertain you, mostly visual of course, I will not have time to plan any more sartorial style features for a while without a lot of repetition so may hang up my lights for a while.

Today instead of a relaxing wind down to half term I have meetings all bloody day, pissed off doesn't even come close. A whole day of my life I will never see again.

Emin is now in Cyprus, Kitty is on a ski slope and I am off to the theatre to see Twelfth Night tomorrow before flying to Cyprus on Sunday, I am fine when my responsibility is to myself but having to get Leyla there in one piece is less fun, so many connections to miss!

Denise Grünstein

There is not a single image on this website that is not achingly beautiful

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sartorial Kew

It is almost pathological my desire to hunt down those whose style I covet. First up this gentleman who's coat i loved, I would love to swagger around like this.

and this tweed combination.

I loved the cut of both these trousers very cool.

I am also a big fan of the 'man bag' these fishing satchels are great.

My favourite a real sartorial goddess the detailing in her outfit was sublime, check out the silver hat pin and her necklace and her wonderful turquoise hat at just the right jaunty angle.

This nautical look was fun
and I am always a sucker for stripes and a Barbour bag

I loved the tweed mixed up with all the traditional trappings

Once again the tourist nails a wonderful mix-up of pattern.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Happy Place

If I were ever to lie on a couch and recount memories from a 'happy place', Kew gardens would be in my top 5. the others would probably be
  • My grans house in St Ives Camb's
  • Paris
  • South Kensington and Knightsbridge
  • Bramham Park

They are the handful of places where my memories are not tainted by mothers abuse and her volcanic rows with my father, they are places where even now it feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket of well being.

My grans house is a no brainer it was just a slice of chaotic heaven,

Paris? as a child my father went there on a work jaunt and took us with him, we stayed in a wonderful hotel in the center of Paris, my sisters were still just eggs waiting to hatch and so mothers love was relatively unconditional, I had a separate sleeping area and each morning a maid would bring me on a tray a croissant and a silver pot of hot chocolate, it was to this 4 year old beyond wonderful to start the morning like this, on the last morning as the maid greeted me like she had done every morning with a "Bonjour" I repeated it back to her, she left with the broadest of smiles at her success in winkling out some french from what was a shy toddler. Mother and I spent endless hours in parks, she would sit whilst I hunted down any child to play with and for me no matter what, Paris will always have that feel good factor.

South Kensington was where my father worked and I always loved pressing the buttons in the science museum next door and as for Harrods, as a child it was paradise. If I ever won the lottery I would buy a house in Belgravia and die a happy woman.

Bramham Park was where I would escape from my mother wrath, for years it gave me a safe haven filled with everything I needed to fuel my imagination.

Finally Kew, clearly my parents felt the karma of this amazing place too because in all our visits I do not remember any arguments at all and even now after numerous visits it still does it for me, walking down from the tube and my anticipation is palpable.

The visit was a resounding success, I managed to get numerous shots for my project and I have left you my flotsam and jetsam!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Little Glass Clementine

Had I managed to have more children on of my favourite names was Clementine, I love that name second only to Bunty! When I spied this window in Selfridges I leapt off the bus, I love anything that uses sea glass and these necklaces are heavenly as was the whole window, hence the rather too many images I am posting. I am sad to say her website is a bit Ginky and not in a good way.

This one is my absolute favourite and to be honest would it kill me to make one? I have all the pieces maybe this half term I might try.