Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Morning Blues

I finally decided to wear a dress I bought from Gap in April which at the time of purchase I thought looked lovely, I finally have the occasion to wear it and actually it has morphed into a night dress no matter what I tried the shroud look was all I could see. I just hope I can get away with it on the beach this summer, well I use the word summer in the loosest sense since we are holidaying in England.. Saturday was good we had a lovely meal at Arbutus and fuelled with good wine we hit COS sale. I love their clothes but sadly only the skirts fit as my athletic shoulders and back cannot squeeze into the narrow little tops they make. For me they are a realistic priced option to Marni the 2 skirts I bought are lovely http://www.cosstores.com/
needless to say I could not need a skirt less but I love skirts more than any other item of clothing
My list of what I love to buy in descending order

1. Skirts, I Love patterns, fabrics, textures, shapes.
2. Camisole tops, My big shoulders can pop out in style.
3. Trousers but only wide legged I am a secret Katherine Hepburn fan.
4. Cardigans easy because you don't have to do them up.
5. Tops/ Dresses I love them but they don't often love me
6. Tights, I love all kinds of tights, footless, wool,ribbed, lace.

My list of what I hate to buy

1. Shoes I ripped the ligaments on my left foot so now NOTHING fits except Birkenstocks what a life sentence!
2.Coats they never fit or look nice
3. Underwear I love the idea of a bra and matching knickers but I need control and underwear that does that just looks boring & dull no fun in that.
4. Handbags, most of them weigh a kilo before all my junk goes in and I can never afford the nice ones.
5. Swim wear, total humiliation.

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