Friday, 16 December 2011

The view from here

tomorrow morning will be this. Please, please,please. I just hope it continues to rain rather than snow. if the weather allows it we will take of tonight and land in warmer climes. And yes that is the sea.
I managed to make a bit of progress with my painting on Wednesday, so much so that when I got out some previous work I appreciated just how far I had come. Sadly I know from experience that the holiday will change me, and so instead of picking up where I left off I'm going to start afresh. So I have packed away the oil bars, it is watercolor time now and then I have to come back and try and paint with just my oils.
We are away for quite sometime and so I have books galore to keep me going, mostly on curating, as well as articles from back copies of Artreview. I also have a rather worthy tome on Caravaggio borrowed from mother and finally one of my all time favourite Christmas presents, a signed copy of The Incredible Human Journey by Dr Alice Roberts. She came to Daisy's college to lecture and so Daisy managed to get her to sign the book. I was SO touched, you can't believe how touched I was. So that too will be read. I think the woman is just amazing.

I have not left any post dated pieces, I've been just so busy, and have had little time to play around up town. I'm looking forward already to the New Year in terms of college. which moves to the Tate Modern, (hence my curating research) lots of plays. including Richard II and One Man Two Guvnors, a huge David Hockney retrospective, and Madrid. All this before Easter. so that should keep away the winter blues.

Oh and Kasabian? AMAZING really just AMAZING









materfamilias said...

You know how rich your life sounds, don't you? Not that I'm envious, but . . . well, okay, a bit envious! That calendar of New Year activities in front of you -- how that must beckon. But meanwhile, what a stunning view you'll be looking up when you poke your head up from that stack of books. (I know, I know, holidays are never quite that idyllic when people have to eat and such, but still. . . )
Hope the weather and the planes and the health all work together for you to have the lovely break you deserve. Paul joins me in wishing you the very best of the Holiday Season and a fabulously Happy New Year. big hugs!

lin said...

What a view. Have a lovely holiday and hope to see pictures so that I live vicariously through other people's travels. And have a happy new year!

roses said...

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auntiegwen said...

Have a good one love from your auntie xxx

ps we went to see Kasabian in Sheffield as a warm up gig for the summer festivals and they were amazing