Friday, 10 February 2012

I do love a meme

It is a lovely feeling when it is Friday, I have a week off there is food at home I have no meetings and no deadlines to meet, for a week at least. York and Madrid beckon, weather permitting and I am now just typing up my last post for a week. Bliss. So time to answer some questions....
I really struggled to think of anything random I have not already posted (see toolbar on the right side) I have a potty mouth,but that is not entirely a random fact more a given.
I must say I like the idea of compiling 10 guests we would most like for dinner, but that is one for my return.

1. What was your favourite film last year and why?
It may have to be Midnight in Paris simply because I can't remember any other films I saw!
Plays yes, That would be a toss up between Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate and As You Like it, which I saw at the Globe, Both brilliant for entirely different reasons, but safe to say that no matter how much I try I always love Shakespeare the best!
My favourite TV programme is such a cliche, but has to be The Killing,, it had the most haunting soundtrack ever.
2. If money were no object, where would you spend your next vacation? and why?

I would fly my entire family, I mean the whole kit and caboodle out to ....Hawaii of course, Why? It is quite frankly the most beautiful place in the world.
3. Describe the earliest meal you can remember enjoying.
Anything and I mean anything cooked by my gran, truly delicious, primarily due to the startling lack of hygiene in her kitchen of course, how else do we get flavour?
4. If you were dividing domestic chores with a new roommate, which ones would you try to claim?

Throughout my entire life I have been shafted by vacuuming, I hate it, I still do not EVER iron, OK maybe twice last year! I am always happy to do the dishes especially as a teenager with very loud music!
5. Do you play a musical instrument? If so, which one?

Sadly no, I am truly very poor at all things musical, I love to listen, but as I have watched my youngest struggle to master the violin I am all the more appreciative of just how hard it is to learn.
6. When you're bothered by prolonged muscle or joint soreness that's interfering with your workout plans, do you visit a General Physician, a Chiropractor, a Physiotherapist, or a Massage Therapist?

Pop a couple of Nurophen and ignore it!
7. What activities do you hope will sustain you throughout your 80s and 90s?

Travelling, seeing and painting. and hopefully watching boxed sets of American TV series.
8. What was the first important car in your life?

My first car was a little Metro, truly it was so liberating ,having been tied to public transport until the age of 30! It was at a time when petrol was cheap and the mechanics were so simple, I was even taught to change my own brake pads. I went every where in that car,complete bliss
9. What was the most significant course you ever took?

The turning point in my life has to stem from the painting course I completed at The Slade School of Art, finally my demons of utter inadequacy vanished and I finally began to realise I could put down on paper all that had been swimming around my head.for the last umpteen years..
10. If you had the resources, which elementary or high school classmate would you try to track down, and why?

Elizabeth Stamp, I would love to bitch slap her so hard. I was a very easy going teenager and she was my utter nemesis, she would be so nice to my face and so utterly vile behind my back. Seriously, this went on all through school until finally she left. Looking back I wish I had realised just how poisonous she was and stayed as far away from her as possible. My one highlight is that I went to art college and she dropped out of school, so I achieved everything she wanted but failed to get.
11. Which chef would you like to have come to your house to prepare a meal for your guests -- or, alternatively, give you a cooking lesson in that chef's professional kitchen?

I found this surprisingly difficult, I think for the most fun it might have to be Heston Blumenthal. I am now writing without my glasses and can't see a thing, I fancy a packet of M&M's so will wave goodbye until next week, when I promise to be far more sartorially engaging!.

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materfamilias said...

It was fun, no? And your Elizabeth Stamp answer cracked me up!