Monday, 27 February 2012

The view from Arco Madrid

It being a Sunday, I was well aware that the buyers would have been and gone and most of the Gallerina's would be on dress down, even so there was plenty of Spanish style but it moves very quickly and the light inside the fair was woeful, making shots on the hoof very tricky. Here is an unedited selection, sometimes I like the rawness of the image rather than the close cropped photographs. The above shot maybe vague but what I liked apart from the lovely blue of the tunic, was the proportions of the outfit and the lovely deep tan of her coat. There was a LOT of that deep tan both bags, boots and coats wise.

Above this woman was wearing by far and away the most carefully curated of outfits.

I chose this and a previous photograph just because on the insouciance a jumper teamed with black trousers can bring, it seems to me that many of the Gallerina's here were very comfortably stylish.

Tan bags were everywhere, I have been searching for such a thing for years, and stupidly let one go last year because of the price, a mistake I will not make again now I know how hard good ones are to find. I particularly like them teamed with grey.

Slim pickings I know, being with my sister did hold me back form suddenly hurtling off at some random tangent if only someone would pay me to do this full time, I do love chasing people!

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