Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ich bin ein Berliner

So I just get used to loading the photographs in reverse order so they make some kind of sense, and then it all changes and now I have to unlearn that idiotic process and load the logical way, so in 5 years time you may see something in the order I intended. below is some house porn I spied in Interiors magazine, it is one of the magazines I can read in the college library which is great as there is normally only one house I love and this saves me nearly a fiver. Once again I seem to be drawn to that pared down basic look but how lovely are these?

 Oh and below, not house porn just where we will be spending Christmas and New Year and for the first time ever with both Daisy and Kitty too! How amazing will that be? A kitchen for Kitty and wifi for daisy to complete her dissertation. oh and maybe a table for me to paint at too. But best of all central heating. I am SO excited, we are just praying we love living in this flat as precursor to when we finally move to our own place in a few years time. Yes I know I said Cyprus but hey we can wander here to sometimes.


Yes I am postie lite, due to work load which I thought I had conquered but something else came up

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materfamilias said...

Gloriously tranquil, all of these, really. And you've been quite consistent about your love of Berlin -- it's tough having so many potential homes!
I left a comment on an earlier post that then seemed to get chomped up by Blogger -- just saying how much I know I'm going to miss our annual visit. I do feel we've become friends over the years of blogging together and those London visits have really strengthened that feeling. And Paul enjoys the visits very much also. Ah well, next year . . .