Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The view from Norfolk

This now all seems months away, we all had a lovely time, the house was not as expected and yet we settled in as if it were our home, it was very Agatha Christie.
Daisy joined us half way through the week and all was very calm. We ate very well, drank quite a lot too, the pubs were amazing as was the food. Best of all I got to see Avocet's, such delicate birds, a joy to watch.

Walking over the marshes there were some wonderful views, the tide was often out but that meant we saw more birds, some of which were quite unusual. Sadly my DSLR has got a lot of muck right inside the digital lens and is going to cost a lot to clean, this means many of the images are unusable, as the sky photographs seem to feature lots of flecks of dirt not clouds.

Close to the house were some wonderful beach huts, due to the rising sandbanks they did not have much of a view, but they must be wonderful for children, and as it happens yes, as a child I did spend time on these beaches, as did my mother, who would get the train every day for a week with her various siblings, umpteen cousins and assorted aunties, as they could not afford the cost of a b&b. I think she enjoyed this holiday a lot being back where she had so many memories,

This is the edge of 'that' beach, this was a box ticked for my sister and we even watched the film! We also watched some grim stuff too including We need To Talk About Keven and Captain America!! As well as gentler stuff for mother.

I read a lot of books for my essay as well as a very short but poignant book by Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending.

We were remarkably lucky with the weather, not always blue sky like this but warm enough for us to walk a lot, well maybe too much on one day. I managed to finally spend some quality time with daisy away from her more demanding siblings. I think she appreciated it and she very generously celebrated my birthday with some champagne.

This was the first Easter without Kitty and it felt strange, after Daisy arrived I kept looking for her as if I had lost something. Ironically next Easter is shaping up for all three to come with me, so from the sublime to the ridiculous!


Lindsay K said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I find coastal areas very head clearing.

materfamilias said...

What you manage even when your camera's compromised is astonishing. Gorgeous shots, and it sounds as if the holiday was quite successful.
I loved Sense of an Ending and have resolved I must read more Julian Barnes.
I'm finishing up Hare with Amber Eyes right now which I picked up on your recommendation -- fabulous book, thanks!

Mardel said...

gorgeous beach shots and very evocative. It has been so long since I've explored a beach and viewing your photos brings the memory to the fore, and a yearning.

Sense of ending is still on my stack. Must get to it.