Monday, 30 April 2012

The view from here

Some long term readers may remember I went through a phase of making necklaces, I still do, just not very often, but somehow  knew I would not want to paint or draw on holiday so I took my bags of beads and managed to make some new necklaces. The main premise was a pearl one for my mother who had coveted her friends one. I had from a few years back a 4ft long mixed silver and pearl one I had tired of. I bravely cut it up and made one for mother using the biggest potato pearls and this one for me using slightly smaller pearls mixed up with some very random handmade silver nuggets. I love it. There is something perfect about the length and weight of it that makes it perfect to fiddle with. ( I am  the worlds most fidgety person) best of all it cost nothing, always a bonus.


Another success story was this painting, again I had drawn it years ago from a photograph I took at Kettles Yard, I then gave up on it for various reasons, but last week I was playing around with tones of cream and grey, I had some left over paint and rummaging around I found this and a couple of other unfinished still life paintings. I sat when I should really have been teaching, and painted this from the photograph. I can't tell you how satisfying it was, I just painted on default mode, nothing clever just plain old paint it how I see it. I LOVE it. I will never let it go. I am really loving going back to still life I was so tired of trying to rationalise landscape when I had all but lost my memory of Cyprus. HOWEVER I got out all my paintings of Cyprus and something is not working so guess what? Yes, I have to paint some more landscapes and the still life's will go back on hold for one more month. My exhibition deadline is looming the good news is I am not framing anything for my college show, so sanity saved for a while.

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