Friday, 11 May 2012

Alfred Cohen Lifestyle Envy

 I do love my holiday stripes and now a little bit of sun is poking through I may  just get to see them again. This seems along time ago now, but I am counting down three weeks to a bit of 5* luxury

This gorgeous stove was in the living room of the house we rented, we all fell in love with it, not just stylish but wonderfully warm too. My sister has been trying to track them down with little success apart from somewhere in France! I can but hope that by the time I finally get to create my dream kitchen I may just have one.
 We were in one of the many great pubs when I picked up a leaflet about a small gallery out in one of the villages, we decided it was worth a look and it was indeed a beautiful building, a converted school house that was home to Alfred Cohen who died back in 2001. 
 I had not heard about his work before, judging by the art market value a once sought after artist is no longer fetching much, I did not like most of his paintings, many had dated quite badly, but these landscapes were lovely. Just the merest whiff of Alfred Wallis, they were very small and rather intimate with a rich impasto surface.

 The gallery was run by his widowed wife and sold some very interesting art work, another large dose of lifestyle envy!

Photos from here & here & me

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