Monday, 21 May 2012

The view from here

This will cheer you up, how about a wedding where there is no music and no dancing and no alcohol and all the men are separated from the women? I call that a wake not a celebration, sadly this is close family and there is no way out. Emin has threatened to wear a burqa so  he can sit with the women, he's a real girl at these events and hates masculine company, he gets on much better with women and so is  not looking forward to this Sunday's 'do' at all. I myself may relocate to the local pub occasionally and yes, I know it's sad that I need a pint or two, but trust me this is not my family and intellectual conversation will as ever be very lite on the ground.
We were inspected yet again last week so my head was very low down below the parapet marking and planning, and now it's the silly season with umpteen exams to mark and moderate so I'm  mentally exhausted by the end of the day. Inspection maybe a necessary evil but they do cause untold misery.
Plus, I had a very surreal conversation with Daisy who had reverted to type, having asked for help with an essay she emailed some notes on the Monday, the deadline for submission was Thursday and she somehow expected my father and I to muster up a lucid essay from them.  After a tense stand off she admitted leaving it too late and clearly then pulled out all the stops and pretty much cracked it with minutes to spare. I used to be like that and then for some reason I changed and I am now almost pathologically organised.
College is way too relaxed for my liking we have been kicked out of the main building and so we are currently meeting in a nearby pub! I think this is a great precedent and maybe one we should insist on keeping next year. I still think it is money for old rope the lack of tuition is shocking and we all agreed we has already been sucked into the Goldsmith conceptual vortex, as paint seems to be a dirty word around there.
Needless to say no painting for me this week but I do have a couple of hours at the Chelsea Flower show to look forward to on Friday
I have, despite misgivings crept from tights to footless tights by way of a pair of scissors, I went to my tights draw last week only to find none of my black footless tights were there, so decided to cut the feet off some opaque tights, I have to say they are fantastic as they don't dig into my swollen cankles.

Below are two paintings by JULIA BURNETT We visited her house last week and Kitty fell in love with the painting on the right, she decided to buy it and so we sat in lengthy traffic jams on Saturday to collect it, I thought she might have a change of heart but was very much pleased with it and it is already on her bedroom wall, at the expense of a substantial Taylor Swift shrine!

I preferred the more colourful ones but Kitty loves snow, and so clearly tapped into the atmosphere of this one. The images don't convey the scale, I always assume paintings are quite small when I see them on line but these are well over 4ft square and very nearly did not fit in the car!

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materfamilias said...

You are too funny! Had to read the description of your enthusiasm for the upcoming nuptials aloud to Paul. We're both chuckling.
So impressed that Kitty's begun collecting art at such a young age. She'll never regret those purchases as she might a pair of shoes or a few pairs of jeans. Wise!