Thursday, 24 May 2012

l'été est arrivé

Mmm.. well for now at least, no mohair jumper, woollen scarf and big puffa jacket required, yes, that is what I was wearing to walk the dog last week, yesterday? Shorts and t-shirt. The humidity had me scrabbling around on my hands and knee's trying to find some thinner summer basics, because of course we can't possibly have a smooth transition can we? No, 0 to baking in less than two days that is the beauty of our glorious climate.
And if you think that is impressive then allow me to elucidate on the other English triumph, that of sartorial summer style. We have gone from  spray on leggings avec camel toe straight to the transparent gauziness of cheap white linen. The specimen in front of me today had very thoughtfully worn a thong so she could hypnotise me with her cellulite. Truly we are nations of slatterns & Hip Hip Hooray to that and my sister who is still younger than me today!

And whilst the bunting is out, we are all celebration the results of my appeal to get Leyla into a half way decent school. The magic word 'Upheld' leapt from the letter and now my last 7 years of teaching will run as smooth as silk, as now Leyla will be close to me and I will not have to spend my life ferrying her all over the south east of London.

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materfamilias said...

Even with the lack of cellulite, the otherwise well-dressed woman of a certain age walking along Rue de l'Odéon ahead of us yesterday stunned us with the very clear evidence of her dark-coloured thong . . . and that fleshy colour we could see through the white linen was, um, exactly that, flesh -- of her butt cheeks. On the beach, okay, but really, on a fashionable Paris street? Don't think so!
And congrats to both you and to Leyla -- anything that simplifies a busy life and gives a better education to boot gets my vote.