Monday, 23 February 2009


Having cleared my 'inbox' and having realised that the battery on my camera is flat, hence no photographs, I sit down to write.
I will post the images tomorrow, with a full and frank update on the behaviour of all those who tried to reduce me to someone fit for an institution with locked cells and padded walls.
I finally succumbed to the mother of all migraines last night and it still rumbles on today.
I am back at my desk and would you believe it I had to teach, or rather allow my irritation to run away with me when it became apparent that my useless year 11's had failed to produce any research for their imminent exam. Apparently that is my job, theirs is to sit like big, fat, ugly cuckoo's with beaks agape waiting to be spoon fed. If I do not, and they fail, it is my fault, according to government statistics. Gone are the days when bone idleness was the students loss. You see I am still really pissed off.

BUT on a positive note and try not to get too excited I have finally opened up a functioning Flickr account. The down side is that I appear to only be able to load 24 photographs a month which seems a bit draconian, but maybe I have missed something.
I also need to publicly apologise to;
  • auntiegwensdiary for not saying thank you for her photo tag, it is on it's way.
  • The lovely lady who left such a nice comment about my photographs from Istanbul. I know I should have emailed you back, but I lost track of time.
  • To the countless people who email me about past posts, I am utterly crap at replying to my own mother, so trust me, you keep good company, and finally,
    La Belette Rouge for not realising I had won her Valentines Day prize. I so rarely if ever win anything so a huge THANK YOU for posting something to blighty.

I should probably add Zara to this list. I have often loved the clothes they sell, but their sizing policy is utterly crap. for example Kitty, clearly a petite English size 4/6 = XS, Daisy is a very petite size 12 = M so if I am a chunky monkey 16 what the hell does that make me? Yes you guessed it too fat for Zara. But I am not fat, In fact I am pretty well average for an English girl so whilst being dragged around Zara yet again by Leyla keen to fleece me for yet another T shirt I spied a lovely dress. I mean seriously, sooo utterly lovely I ached just for the humiliation of the view in the mirror. By a stroke of luck by eschewing lunch with Emin, I had enough time to do a supermarket style dash round the shop sans Leyla yeah. In less than 20min's I circumnavigated the store twice, found 8 things to try on, whilst the tops other than a cardie with all the buttons open are a no no, I fitted into not one but two pairs of trousers! Hallebloodylujah. One pair verges on pegged but with a drapey top it looks lovely, similar to some Rifat Ozbek ones I have coveted. The reason for success is that they are finally getting their sizes up to, in some cases an elusive 46/18!! if they could just do the same for the tops I would be a very happy Easter Bunny indeed.


materfamilias said...

so glad you're back; so sorry you've been frustrated and irritated and just generally have good reason to be cranky. But "yay!" on the Zara acquisitions.
I ended up paying for a Flickr Pro account -- still dirt cheap and you can upload tons and tons. Although even before that I seem to remember being able to manage more than 24 photos a month. I'll have to look for you there . . .

La Belette Rouge said...

I am so sorry for the headache and all the other annoyances.I am delighted you are back and thrilled you won. Your book is on your way to you.

indigo16 said...

Materfamilias, I too coughed up for the Pro account although it is irritating to pay, I feel once I have the files sorted it will give some kind of order to my images.
I actually enjoyed moving images into sets so much it became theraputic!

Anonymous said...

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