Friday, 6 February 2009

Something for the weekend

I watched this last weekend, it was just sublime, such a wonderful film both visually stunning with lovely music.
Daisy returns home tomorrow, yeah.

When she was younger I remember that every time she returned from a school trip she was utterly vile. Once when she came home she hit me hard with her bag and roundly cursed me for not writing to her EVERY DAY like ALL the other parents. More fool them I said laughing (making her even angrier)

The problem is, you see, we as parents tend to refer to our own experience as children. Trust me I neither expected or ever received a letter myself as a child, and so did not think writing about the flotsam of my life would possibly interest my daughter, whilst she was living it up.
I would be very, very privileged indeed to get so much as a text from her.
Short and oh so selective are the memories of a teenager.

Teenager Two has not missed her sister one bit, she confessed that at times she had quite forgotten about her, her scratching, (eczema) her mess, her incessant laughing at Monty Python replays.

Kitty's current favourite 'make me smile' moment is the new Cadbury's Dairy Milk advert. She loves them all, but this one seems to particularly tickle her funny bone and so she has saved it on to her mobile phone.

That something so simple can make her happy gives me hope. In stark contrast many of the girls I teach have, by Kitty's age been drunk, stayed out all night, and sadly in some cases already lost their virginity. I once had a student say rather too loudly "I wish I was still a virgin" My colleague laughed when I told her this and said "I bet he wishes her mother still was!"


La Belette Rouge said...

I am adding this to my Netflix cue. Thanks.

I hope Daisy's return home is drama free.

Anonymous said...

Okay I will definately have to watch this movie.
You know that if you had taken the time to write your daughter a letter a day, she would have come home rolling her eyes about you wasting her time or something. As parents, nothing we do is right and like you did, the best thing to do is laugh about it!