Thursday, 5 February 2009

Saatch Gallery pt 2

I went to this exhibition about 3 weeks ago, I was unaware at the time that it was possible to take photographs in the gallery, but I always have a camera with me, sadly I also had both Leyla and Kitty with me as well. All was going well until Leyla realised you could take photographs, at which point a glint appeared in her eye and away she went, snap, snap, snap. Well kitty could not allow that to happen, so the pair of them brawled their way around the entire gallery trying to snatch the camera away from each other,taking it in turns to sulk or hide, either way my day was ruined.
Their reward was of course a shopping trip to Zara. This was my fault as I was convinced that there was no children's department in the one on Hans Place. How wrong could I be, they both sniffed it out downstairs and spent nearly an hour trying on clothes and arguing over who could have what etc. On the way back kitty announced that she had left her MP3 player on the chair in Jigsaw (I was only looking) So I phoned up, they had found it but they were about to close. Kitty sulked all the way home.
I went to pick it up the following week, they had lost it! Trust me a teenager parted from her beloved MP3 player is no fun. They said they would look for it and post it, which they duly did, at the cost of £6! special delivery. Joy thy name is adolescence. This picture is HUGE and was the most outstanding image of the day by Qui Jie

A fragment from a different picture by the same artist

I do not know who made this stunning sculpture, I had intended to go back at a later date to write down the names of artists I liked, because on the day I had lost the will to live at this particular moment in time.
Where did my week go? It is Friday tomorrow already. I have dutifully written my reports and now the assessment begins..


materfamilias said...

I like this post very much -- reminds me that you're not always just swanning through marvelous galleries, dreamily, artistically, intellectually . . . If I can imagine you in same galleries with bickering girls, ahhhh, that's better! No, I'm not quite so guilty of indulging in schadenfreude at your expense, but you do write so amusingly about the mom gig. . .

La Belette Rouge said...

"Joy thy name is adolescence", LOL!!!! Mater is right the stories about your kids does humanize you as for the most part I imagine you as living in art galleries and at fetes in Turkey.

indigo16 said...

I am glad the gloss appears a little tarnished for it is true, and has been from the day they were born. I am always determined to give them some culture, but my sanity takes a hit EVERY time!

Freshly Found said...

That sculpture is beautiful.