Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Here we are again

Once more I sit and watch the world go by..Don't you just love the view from the members cafe at the Tate Modern?
I love the splash of colour that the barge gives.

Where I saw this amazing exhibition. As you can see it is not open until tomorrow but I manages to blag my way in with my members card. I would not normally make a special trip to see this but I promise you it will blow your socks of. This is a really brilliant exhibition vast but each room tells a different story.
I read in the paper an article by his grandson that Rodchenko became so cold during the freezing cold Russian winters that he put all his sculptures in the wood burner to keep warm! Luckily they have been recreated from photographs so we can enjoy them again. I am mow a huge fan and will add the catalogue to my list of wants.
I would have bought it then and there but I had just spent £40 on over 12 old Christies catalogues which to an art teacher are manna from heaven.


materfamilias said...

I'll have to do a bit of research as I hadn't heard of this fellow before -- I hope to get to the Tate Modern, but we won't be in London 'til early June, sadly. I'll have to check and see what will be on then.
And yes, I love that view -- always partial to a working river view.

Janet said...

Oh, yes, sigh...I went to a lovely dinner up there several months ago. Beautiful!