Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Premium Meme Award, for blogs with Personality

Materfamilias tagged me last week for a meme.
It was tricky at first to separate my personality form that of the blogs, but they are two very separate beasts.

Well mannered, I am in real life a cross between House and Chandler. I have a mouth like a sewer and far too often speak my mind, but always with a smile. I feel that this blog reflects the more well mannered side of me. I quite like this alter ego and have enjoyed trying to be positive rather than the inherent cynic that I am normally.

Eclectic so many blogs I read have a focus, a theme or a continuous thread that runs through it. I just have tangents, I just find it so difficult not to have the occasional rant about my family mixed in with images that inspire me. This makes me difficult to categorise or pigeon hole, which I guess is a good thing, but I sometimes feel a bit amateurish, but hey if the cap fits!

Curate & Promote I do like to spread the word when I find something or someone who inspires me, I always try to link to there work as I have found the beauty of the Internet is that it has opened up what I feel was quite an elitist world. The playing field is so much more level and that can only be a good thing. I hope to inspire other with the enthusiasm I have for art. Sounds trite I know but it's true. I have shamelessly tried to promote my work, obviously an agent/gallery owner has yet to see my potential and I guess that I am somewhat naive if I think someone will just trip over this blog and 'discover' me. I am however an eternal optimist and this blog has if anything helped me to plod on and give my photography at least a small voice.

Travelled(as opposed to gloat) I do love to travel not just to exotic places but around town and country. I have always enjoyed being on the move, I have a restless spirit and so I hope that this blog can and does give a flavour of life in London all be it a highly sanitised one.

Articulate I have tried hard to improve my grammar, I have always been quite articulate, probably from reading obsessively from a very young age. This blog definitely makes me conscious of the need to constantly expand and develop my vocabulary.

Therapeutic This blog for me has been of enormous benefit in terms of finally linking myself to the outside world away from my family. It has helped me realise how much I have to be grateful for and I hope in some small way my occasional rants about life in The House of Chaos will maybe resonate with others. I have learned so much from the experiences of other bloggers and in a small way this blog has been a very positive experience and enabled me to grow up a bit and move on.

Joie de Vivre I do hope that this is true, I do loose it occasionally, but mostly I hope this is what comes through this blog.

It was harder to define than I thought with out coming across as smug and self satisfied. But I guess that again is the positive side of me coming through. Words to describe the dark side of me would be
Irascible, cynical, miserable, moody, snappy, rude, unsatisfied, irritable, selfish, megalomaniac, oh could go on but that would make me introspective, self obsessed and narcissistic!
A Big mwah for the meme, I think most bases have been covered, so I will open it to all who read me.

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materfamilias said...

I would add funny and entertaining as well as honest and perceptive. I love coming here for a visit! Thanks for doing the meme -- it was tougher than it looked, wasn't it!