Thursday, 20 August 2009

St Ives 2009

So, I managed to write a whole post without saying what a lovely lovely time I had, I think we all had. We did not want to come home, perfect in every way shape and form.

These trees are everywhere, including my garden, yet some how they are more beautiful in this tropical environment.
If one image stands out it is this perfect still life. Agapanthus are nearly as common as the gulls, and I loved the clash to match look of it in the jug.

Oh these babies are EVERYWHERE including the roof below our balcony, they plead incessantly for food and the cacophony of noise upon their mother arrival was astonishing, as was not only watching her regurgitate a whole corn on the cob, but then watching said delinquent swallow it up whole after chasing it across the roof.

I have a HUGE Hepworth crush and this graces the entrance to some beach side apartments.

Loved the colours of this image as well as the sentiment.

Jewellery shops are EVERYWHERE nearly as prolific as the gulls. This was my favourite necklace, I gazed at it longingly most days.

A most photogenic doorway just at the bottom of our terrace, it marks the entrance to a particularly delicious pasty shop that also made a very very scrummy bread pudding. Seriously juggling fish & chips with fudge with pasty's with cream teas was sooo demanding.

Even shrouded in mizzle this place is divine.

Picture perfect

I became completely and utterly obsessed with this building. It was impossible to find a way to it, in the end I confess I gate crashed a garden to peek over a fence, it was the 'summer house' of an impossibly secluded house either Trezion (the one Ben Nicholson moved too to lick his wounds after his split from Hepworth) or it's neighbour.

The story goes that Alfred Wallis was discovered when Ben Nicholson and Kit Wood walked pat his house and saw his work propped up inside. Well, this lady lived next door, and her door too was left ajar, she was easily an octogenarian and would sit by her window with the door open watching the world go by.
Doesn't her house look divine?

Oh when the sun comes out everyone comes out. My favourite quote of the week
"Darling, hitting me won't make me change my mind"
I should have this printed on a T shirt and wear it every time I go out with The Leyla Monster

Gulls, Gulls, Gulls, everywhere bloody screaming gull's but do they move fast? Especially when they have stolen someones lunch.

Oh the hours I spent on this beach, but what a perfect beach.

Just a perfect day.

The view from here, or rather of our teeny tiny kitchen, which we managed to cater for my greedy brood from.

A couple of seconds prior to this, their beaks were locked in combat, as I scrabbled to get my camera I lost that moment, but got this one instead. Ouch.

Tropical lushness, in a beautiful house. I do miss the deciduous trees though, which give a greater sense of the seasons.

Un Photoshopped and just a divine way to say goodbye for a couple more years, I will return in 2011.
I will catch up with all your blogs tomorrow, so much to read and so little time.


materfamilias said...

That was a treat! You have such a wonderful eye -- favourites for me were the agapanthus, the white door-way with the picture frames, the gulls (that background is stunning) the dog biscuit ad (that blue/turquoise bar running across the lower part of the wall/photo, love it).
Feel as if I've had a bit of a holiday myself.
And I'm so glad we met in London -- it's great reading you now and hearing your voice!

Seth said...

What a special place. Your pictures captured it beautifully!

indigo16 said...

Thank you both, I thought the post a bit 'twee' in hindsight, my brain is still mush i'm afraid! But I was quietly smug about the images and of course oodles more will be on Flickr by the end of the month.

venus said...

Hi! What a nice blog indeed. I love so much these pictures of flowers... There is so much peace that comes out of it.
I will for sure come back to visit your blog :)

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