Thursday, 27 August 2009

Smug, thy name is Alison

Seriously, after last weeks rather sad and heavy day of poor A'Level results I specifically avoided school for the GCSE results, just too depressing.
I also told a colleague that under no circumstances did I want to know the outcome, I was happy to wait until I return to the chalk face next week.
So what does she do? Yep phoned me up, she was I think, excited to let me know that I was just shy of a 90% pass rate. an all time high for me. This is an astonishing achievement when you factor my reduced time with the students, plus that badly timed move. Mix this in with some monumentally artistically challenged girls with the fine motor skills of a six year old and I am feeling just a little smug.
I have also managed to paint the au-pairs bedroom so that too is another box ticked on my 'to do' list so as a reward I am taking Kitty to see

on at the

after which we will meet my sister and go for one of those
fab curries at Tyyabs.

Daisy is bopping her stuff down at the

fingers crossed it does not rain as guess
which mug will be doing the washing?

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materfamilias said...

Those are stellar results and you deserve to be smug, pat yourself on the back, and go out for a treat (Curry and a great exhibit sounds about perfect!)