Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sartorial style St Ives

I, in no way present this post as the definitive guide to style in St Ives, but it gives a flavour.
I am probably slightly strange in that I have an almost completely separate holiday wardrobe. Very few pieces I took cross over into either my home wear or work wear. They are now washed and packed away for 2011!
This jacket is a classic example of that. I only ever wear it in St Ives nowhere else. It is perfect for watching the girls surf whilst keeping me warm and dry. yYou can just see I rather 'let myself go' and did not wear much sun block."Quelle horreur" I hear you cry. But hey, sometimes I just need a little colour on my face. I am as dark as I was when I came back from Croatia. Yes the weather was that good, no I do not sun bathe ever. I just freeze my legs off instead! and my skin just does the rest.
The skirt you can just see I bought in St Ives over 6 years ago, the one good thing is that because my weight stays the same I can get away with this strange habit I have.
This woman is wearing my favourite 'must have' label Desigual I ached to by a skirt by this label but they did not have my size. One WILL be mine soon as I have tracked the shop down on Regent Street.

Cath Kidston was EVERYWHERE, seriously every Tom Dick and Harry had one of her bags. This woman had the lot.
The shop was the first shop I saw every morning and eventually despite my sneering I went in and ended up buying a necklace.
I was tickled to see even a hard nose Tracey Emin look a like, dressed very urban style, pushing an all black stroller had a Kidston nappy bag!

Oh I know it's a cliche but what would a seaside holiday be with out stripes? This is my COS one which is very comfy.

Hers was similar too

My favourite look continues to be a tunic layered over cropped trousers

This woman was 'a certain age' and she just looked so lovely and elegant, a light grey linen jacket with grey shorts topped with a really cool hat.

As was this one. Yes another stripey top but she too looked so elegant.

Yet another Kidston bag but I did like how she wore it with the flowery top.
I have a load more images but they are stuck at school so I will post a small project I completed on my return to work.
I should right now be clearing up the house yet again, as well as painting the au pairs bedroom. The last one has left it in a dreadful state. I hope this new one will be the penultimate one. I am now counting the days until I reclaim this room for my self and finally have that all elusive 'room of my own'
Daisy has flitted in and out all week, mooning around around like a love sick teenager. I dreaded this moment and what a year for it to happen! She is not in my good books currently as:
a) she did really badly in her exams and has now left it too late (I think) to get into the University of her choice. She promises to work harder to prove me wrong, but I have yet to be convinced. So sad that some one so bloody clever is so unbelievably lazy.
b) I found out she had a tattoo!! yes , not a small discrete one, but a bloody great branch of blossom painted right across the base of her spine. What a cliche.
Kitty too has gone AWOL she gate crashed her aunties house again for the entire week and is now at her nan's so it has just been Leyla and I, and I can safely say Leyla is bored witless and counting the days before she can go back to school.


materfamilias said...

I love marine stripes in a T, perfect at the beach -- and the faded blues you're wearing, perfect also. I have a set of clothes I wear 'round here over the summer that I love the look and feel of but wouldn't wear off the island -- like you, I pack them away from summer to summer and they'll get years and years of wear.
Sharing one's "summer holiday" with school-age kids included my favourite and my least-favourite parenting moments. The irritable indolence of an adolescent at summer's end. . . yuck! You have my sympathy. If only they could know how precious that time will someday seem. . .

La Belette Rouge said...

I have bought three navy/white stripe long sleeve tees this summer and am loving them.

Thanks for sharing with us the Sartorial seaside. I hope you are having a fantastic time.

I bet the tattoo came as quite a shock.

corine said...

How lovely and stylish. Love Cath!!! but can't buy it in the US.

I went all the way to Deauville to buy the traditional 'marinière' blue and white stripes. Now my son is wearing it to look more French. Me, I'm not just afraid might get beat up at school: i want my stripes back.