Monday, 23 August 2010

The view from here

I have not stopped it seems this holiday yet achieved little that is concrete, I have spent far far too much money, the girls milk me like a cash cow preying on my guilt at spending on myself and thus insisting I adorn them in a likewise manner that befits their wants and desires. Not cheap.
COS was the winner of my hard earned funds, Zara the winner for their spending of my hard earned funds.
I spent a whole day playing dress up, it is a genius solution to the frantic last minute search for an outfit to wear at the ungodly hour I get up, plus I have learnt more about shape and proportion this last 6 months than in a lifetime by photographing the outfits on.
I have put off the two worst jobs, the garden (which is pretty grim right now) and the bathroom shower, just writing that is sooo bloody dull, why is shopping so much more fun?
I have can you believe it? Booked next years summer holiday. One week in St Ives, a town the girls adore and then we are going on an adventure and travelling by train to Brixham. I have never been but it seemed a fun idea since the house in St Ives was only available for one week.
How organised am I? It was Kitty who wanted to go by train as she is still reeling from car sickness and confined cramp from the car journey back from Scotland. I don't know why, but it is always worse coming back than going.
I have been to the theatre twice, Dantons Death, which was pretty maudlin and depressing, followed by La Bete which was awesomely brilliant. Mark Rylance is the best stage actor we have in Britain, a genius to watch, but for me the sheer joy of David Hyde Pearce's comic timing just made it the perfect day out.
I had bought the tickets to celebrate my sisters birthday, she decided it was time to try out J Sheekey's who's cheapest lunch set menu was an eye watering £25, but let me tell you it was worth every penny. What made it even more amazing is my sister ordered the wine and when she tasted it realised I would not be able to drink it, (I have a deep loathing of all tastes Chardonnay), the wine waiter without hesitation swapped the bottle for a much much nicer wine how lovely was that? The food was heavenly the service brilliant, but my sister despite enjoying it hugely still would vote for Wolseley as her favourite destination. She has spotted a planning application on a now empty bar near CX for Arbutus the food of which we love but the ambiance always feels a little lack lustre with a light odor of damp this could be highly promising for the future.
I spent a lovely afternoon with Leyla and Kitty at the Saatchi gallery, we picnicked on the benches in Hans Place on Sushi people watching. Kitty loved it so much she wanted to know how much she would need to buy a house round the corner! bless.
And so I potter through the days, silently thinking how different life will be next year. I have decided to paint at home and spend any spare time at work packaging up all the stuff I have made over the years and have vowed to at least try and rent a stall at some kind of craft/art fair. I must make more of an effort to clear the decks and make some money.

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