Friday, 13 August 2010

The views from around the house and a bit beyond


materfamilias said...

Oooh, now I want to go (but I won't take my mother -- or yours!)

La Belette Rouge said...

Can I come too? I promise not to bring my mother.

auntiegwen said...

Nothing like a good bit of Highland porn. Glad you enjoyed The Mother Country, I know I'm biased but there is nowhere like it.

ps Lara is TOTALLY following in Daisy's footsteps re the no job teenage slob thing but I also have the addition of Hot Boy German pop star boyfriend who is omnipresently in my house!!

pps can I come to Scotland with you too?

indigo16 said...

We should all meet up for a week it is a really great place to refuel very tired batteries.
Auntie Gwen, Daisy's bf here the entire time I was away!