Sunday, 22 August 2010

Where there's tea there's hope

So says Arthur Pinero
And it seems he may be right because despite trying hard not to worry or stress about Daisy's future despite the huge amounts of money this sharp elbowed middle class helicopter parent has thrown at her I was not looking forward to last Thursday one little bit. Daisy wanted to open her results with me, I drove to my school and logged on and waited, she arrived hot and sweaty having collected her friends results by mistake and thus had to run back up the hill to give them back and collect the right results. Sensibly she elected to see if she had a university place rather than face opening her results and you have probably guessed already by the lack of brevity in my tone she got into York.
Sorry I may have to shout that a little louder, DAISY GOT INTO YORK UNIVERSITY
Her results were a little disappointing but I don't care because she made it. Never in our wildest dreams did we think she would get into York, her first choice, so after a volcanic eruption of suppressed emotion of worry, doubt and fear she was finally able to plan for her future. And what a future she has, 3 years as an undergraduate studying Bio archaeology, WOW
Even better she will get a cooked meal once a week because guess who lives in York...? Her Gran of course, perfect. She will live in halls for the first year so as not to be a totally social outcast but to save money may move in with Mother by year 2.
Of course where there is happiness there is sadness and I am now a deflated balloon of expectation, tinged with real grief as my beautiful Daisy is leaving home, I am not so stupid as to think of her as a friend, she's not, she's my daughter but as such she is like a limb and the loss of her is making me feel overwhelmingly sad.
We both feel unwell which is probably the aftershock of all the stress.
My kitchen has gone for a burton too, I was, as a consolation prize hoping to knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and open up the back into a lighter space, instead the money will pay her tuition fees. One small little nugget is that I finally get 'a room of my own' but it is a very hollow positive at the moment.

Trying to post on this blog is currently a nightmare as the only available computer is Daisy's and as she failed to gain a summer job she uses it constantly, believe it or not I am back at work next week! where did that holiday go?


materfamilias said...

Please pass along mine and Paul's very sincere and happy congratulations to Daisy! Of course, we thought she should get in simply on the basis of her charming company last June.
York was once a dream of my teen-aged self, having visited the city several times with my Middlesborough rellies. In fact, I naively wrote exams for it in my own high school graduating year, despite having studied in a completely different school system, and without any knowledgeable mentors who might have suggested tutoring. Needless to say, I didn't pass -- still remember the resigned letdown on opening that envelope. So I'll be following Daisy's academic adventures with vicarious enthusiasm! And I assure you, that while you'll miss her very much, you'll begin getting used to having a bit more space in the nest and looking forward to someday having all the fledglings out in the world while you and Emin have a home of our own (and you claim several rooms all to yourself!)

auntiegwen said...

I truly know how you feel. Much love to you both, we shall have to set up a blogger without elder daughter support group in September.

Many many congratulations xx

indigo16 said...

What would I do without my wise blogguettes for empathy?
I too will live life a little vicariously through daisy have recently discovered a passion for all things anthropological. Already the hand is out for money I think her aim is to bankrupt me as a parting gift.