Thursday, 26 August 2010

The view from here

Ha, Daisy is wallowing in untold depths of mud having gone to The Reading Festival for the week. Fool. Oh, I get to meet Mother tomorrow to collect a jacket I left at her house and entertain her for the day, ha who's the fool now?
I am so on chill mode at the moment yesterday I watched Sunset Boulevard on the tele, Leyla joined me and announced the ending was a load of rubbish! which was a little harsh I thought, she was really irked by the whole b&w thing which I barely noticed.
Right now I should be in the gym, but do you know what? I can't be arsed. I should add that I am slowly getting back into the Pilates groove, going each Wednesday night, last nights was particularly successful since I was able to hunker down on the sofa with a glass of wine whilst waiting for Emin to finish his gym session which is probably not quite in the spirit of things but I enjoyed the peace and quiet whilst reading the papers.
I have 'done' the garden and Kitty my tidy fairy has 'done' the kitchen so there is a superficial air of cleanliness pervading the atmosphere. Emin I am pleased to say is rushed off his feet at work leaving me free to indulge in a little dress up. I have a new series ready to go on line next Friday.
I am in the process of making a few new academic years resolutions. I was quite impressed by my personal achievements last year. I am now painting regularly (all be it on a very small, limited scale) plus I am drawing again.
This year my aim is to bring the paints home and set up a studio in the spare room, this will allow much greater continuity. At work this will free up time to thread some necklaces and more importantly package up any saleable work. Yes this is THE year to flog some stuff, not least because I am BROKE, totally sans funds, so I have a plan starting with scanning and maybe opening an Etsy shop, if this proves too much I have located a Christmas Fair in an illustrious cash rich suburb of this glorious corner of SE London, this is at the end of November so I now have GOALS. My aim is raise enough money to pay for next years sojourn to St Ives, there now I have written it I need to achieve it.
One other major goal would be to do a book of photography via Blurb, that would be good. As well as this I am going to print some images to frame for the house, this will be achieved by half term because guess who's going away? Emin & (if she behaves) Leyla. Oh sweet joy, a whole week to play dress up for winter and play around with the house. Best of all I will get to Kettles Yard to take some photographs.
My aim for the book is to get it done after my next Cyprus trip this coming New Year, the book has no specific theme instead I have gone for an eclectic mix of my most favourite shots so far, watch this space....

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materfamilias said...

I'm lining up outside the (virtual, yes) door of your Etsy shop . . .