Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Great icons of style

I just love these two women, they are both aging brilliantly, no fakery, just a love of colour shape and pattern. Fashion week ended with more of a whimper than a bang but there were some wonderful patterns which may hopefully filter down to the high street.

I had managed to persuade Kitty that flush with a salary at such a tender age she could do worse than invest in some classics that would last rather than fritter on the high street.Kitty has a very classic style and despite wealth beyond her comprehension has managed to not spend to much and will start a savings account next week.

She was very smitten with this bag...

but when we saw the price....she could not bring herself to splash the cash. Quite rightly she felt the stress of owning something so costly out weighed the pleasure it would bring, so the image is filed for another day.

Kitty is also very keen to buy some riding boots but would like me to help...with a heavy heart I will give her a couple of hours on Saturday before I skip over to Frieze Art Fair. Shoe shopping with Kitty is so not fun.

My camera is ready bloguettes for some super style snaps that I will take at the fair. Eat your heart out Paris, London will always be better! OK well at least equal to? No?

Talking of Paris that Woody Allen film is such good fun, I went with both Kitty and Leyla and they both loved it, Kitty so much I've had to give her the photographs I took of her on our brief visit a couple of years ago, at the time she was not keen, but the film made her love it. Leyla laughed out loud at the Dali scene, there is something quite sweet about a 10 year old laughing at Woody Allen.

The film is flawed of course, he is one of life's eternal romantics always searching for the fairytale ending, but suspend all of that disbelief and enjoy it for what it is, the perfect love letter to a wonderful city.. by an American!


materfamilias said...

I especially love that top look, but both are fab!
Kitty sounds as if she's wisely balancing her great taste against her financial realities. That Mulberry bag is gorgeous, but represents a lot of eggs in one basket . . .
I also enjoyed Midnight, Owen Wilson, Kathy Bates . . . what's not to love?! And that Layla, laughing at Woody Allen & Dali, v. sophisticated.

Especially with septic pump woes this evening and rain, rain, rain, I'm living vicariously in London through you.

indigo16 said...

Oh Mater I thank God, that Septic is one thing not able to go wrong here, that said a pipe has a leak in our flat in Berlin! And the current house we rented needs a shed load of electrical work too. Oh the joys of a property empire!

Mardel said...

I loved the Woody Allen film, so sweet, so romantic, so flawed. Of course that only made it more endearing.

The bag is gorgeous, but a lot....

Love that top look.