Tuesday, 4 October 2011

This time last year I would have many photographs to edit after a weekend stalking the streets. This weekend I have nothing, I barely left the house. I spent all of Saturday painting a small box room in a house we are letting to new tenants next week, the room has to be finished by Friday, and as money speaks louder than my desire to frolic in the sun. I was there Sunday morning too, before my sister whisked me away to her house to help her pack for her immanent move on Friday.
My reward from my sister will be a celebratory birthday city break next year. I am surrounded by family that will not throw me any surprises for my half century, so my sister is determined to spoil me instead.

Other events hotly anticipated in October?

  • Ralph (wouldn't push him out of bed) Fiennes in The Tempest

  • Frieze Art Fair, sadly I can only make Saturday (damn this job).

  • Istanbul, unless it snows, don't laugh it has been forecast!

  • A day gallery hopping ( OK with 12 sixth formers, but hey its a day out)

Did a spend money on the new COS web site. No I just could not justify to stupid system of paying in Euros when it is cheaper to visit the shop. Any cash saved was sadly swallowed up with putting petrol in the car, but I did polish my halo anyway.

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materfamilias said...

Didn't you just see someone wonderful in a fab Tempest? Or am I remembering you talking about getting tix for this performance? Whichever, you're so lucky I'm not even going to feel sorry for you painting rooms instead of canvasses. Can't wait to hear your review . . .