Thursday, 6 October 2011

Jeans for genes day

I love this outfit, I love it so much I saved the photograph, I am wearing it with faux zebra skin Birkenstocks though, I like the way it makes me look like I have a waist. So no stripes today because the school is raising money, so I get to wear jeans, YEAH.

We have a full inspection Monday and Tuesday so WTF am I doing writing this I don't know but sometimes a girl just has to write now and plan stupid boring lessons later. Before I knew they were coming I snuck off early for an hour on the pretext I had to do stuff and college! Suckers, I did in fact need some oil bars as I am really struggling with some colour mixing, but guess what? I found a shop selling them just around the corner from COS. I was starving though so went to Itsu, and stuffed a box of sushi down me, plus I'm seriously addicted to endami beans.
A-n-y-w-a-y, as I sat outside watching the world go by, (is there anything better?) I watched a girl come out of Vogue house, she looked so lovely, she was wearing some soft sage green fitted trousers almost like jeans, with a cream, heavy silk blouse over which she wore a cropped, textured, linen jacket with the faintest hint of an indigo snakeskin print and snakeskin ballet flats topped off with golden blonde hair. Oh to be that young, that beautiful and that well dressed.

So I lumbered over to COS, needless to say both items I gazed at longingly in my checkout basket were not there in my super size L, however I did try on some other stuff and yes, I did buy a cardie, and no, I put back the navy dress! I stuck to my rules....ish. The cardie is a bitter chocolate marle, it really reminded me of some linen sofas my parents had when I was young, they were very into contemporary Habitat furniture then. (Weird, I know.) Being marle it does not look so naffly brown and in fact may very well qualify for Frieze art fair next week.

College was OK, they are not the brightest sparks in the box, but hey, I did get to think over some ideas. The first unit appears to be thematic based, it took me 20 min's to come up with an idea, I will tell you about it later, but either this is way too easy or I am over simplifying it, watch this space!

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