Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Eva Kotatvoka

Last year I posted a photograph I'd taken of this artist's work, a small piece tucked away around a corner. This year she was deservedly given a whole stand, it was the very best stand in the whole show, she is a real inspiration to me and I credit her with guiding me from the flat surface to a more thoughtful instillation approach to mt photography.

Yes I am back.

No I was not squished! Although sobering fact of the week, 70% of building in Istanbul are built sans permission and with no planning regulation, big gulp.. Next time we will stay further up the coast, but I digress. I am slightly anal in that I like my blog to run in sequence, so although I have an Enormous folder of images to trawl through I am spending the week on art for you instead.

Another reason is that have you noticed that when you do your job well you are then expected to not only carry others but train them too, without any extra dosh. That is my lot this week, lots of extra work, on top of putting together my first art presentation next Wednesday, preparing for my first sale at the end of the month.. unpacking then repacking to go to York on Friday.... I have to remind myself to breathe sometimes!!

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