Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tim Walker

Tim Walker goes to Mongolia.

When I saw this photograph my jaw dropped, it's just so beautiful. I bought Vogue because it's choc full of the most amazing images. The story behind them is remarkable too. They travelled to Mongolia, to go so far with so much luggage and get these photograph is a triumph.
I have wondered if Tim Walker wasn't running on empty recently as he does seem to rely on props to create a story. These photographs prove he should get out more as they are so much better than some of his previous work.

Whilst we were in Istanbul Emin asked why I bother taking photographs, when I do so little with them. He's right, I should make more effort to at least make a blurb book. I'm hoping the MA may help give me a direction, we shall see.

I am still frantically wrapping up old collages, some over 8 years old. I have so far found and wrapped 120 pieces, plus made some ginky cards. I would've liked to have packed up more peices, including some oils, but I'm running out of time and part of me, the negative fatalistic part thinks what's the point.

Looking back over my old work has made me realise how much I miss watercolour painting, so I think I will try and do some in Cyprus, (snow and fog willing) The early dark nights should focus my mind, no distractions I hope, that's what I am looking forward to the most right now. Oh, and Comedy of Errors at the National Theatre on Friday night with the girls. I have booked Les Deux Salons as it's Leyla's favourite for the burgers, which she has declared the best in the world.

My sister has had a rough week so I think I may have to treat her to a champagne cocktail.

Finally my favourite bit so far from my new book by A.C.Grayling is, do you believe in the tooth fairy? No? Then why do you believe in God?


Nona shivangi said...

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materfamilias said...

Gorgeous images! Have been too busy to leave comments lately, but I'm really enjoying your posts. You've def. got my sympathy when it comes to the over-buying -- sometimes the retail hit is such an easy way to lift a mood or distract from concerns, although the remorse that comes on later takes all the fun away. For me, there's also an odd kind of social component, as I can get caught up in chat with the sales assistant . . .next thing I know. . . whoops!
But that grey sweater dress (or is it a tunic -- hard to tell length/proportion from the photo) is irresistible and will surely earn its keep.
Your Friday night plans make me quite envious -- Enjoy your cocktails and Shakespeare's humour!