Friday, 11 November 2011

I See You See I

The captions I placed around the object, I decided one statement would not work as I wanted to lead the viewer around the pieces one by one.

This was really a work in progress, I would have changed the scale of some of the pieces had I time, the small copper coloured maquette I would have liked to make in copper rather than a photograph, but I gave it 7/10.

The Pantone card was a last minute addition, I found it in my pigeon hole with a thank you note from the Head Teacher for a recent presentation. I like the fact that he 'gets' me ..Cool but quiet. I love grey as you know so I felt this worked with the whole. I think the only other item I would have included was a small painting, but I was worried it would clutter rather than enhance.

So I felt acquitted but the stress truly I cannot convey to you how hard I found it, not least because having prevaricated for days, the very day I was ready to print the printer broke down, I nearly followed, but I think the sheer unadulterated misery on my etched across my face transmitted itself to the IT engineer and miraculously he called another engineer who fixed it by lunchtime. Then it was all hands to the deck and my assistant prepared it for me whilst I mentored another member of staff.

It was then a quick dash to the studio to put up the work and grab a coffee.

Although the idea of Identity I thought was quite trite, it did seem a good way to meet the other students some who are here from Singapore, Brazil and Israel! As I was talking about the piece I realised just how much though t I had put into it and having looked at the other students work I realised that actually the irritation with the theme was my blinkered outlook not their choice of theme.

The work of some of the other students ranged from brilliant to a bit sixth form like obvious. Some were happy to open up, some were very cagey. It was an interesting night and I was able to stay off the drink which can you believe was Chardonnay. Who the fuck still sells that stuff?

Roll on the next project.

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materfamilias said...

So you're launched into your MA program! Your exhibit interests me especially for how you reveal yourself through the females in your life. Rather than interests or activities, likes or dislikes, as some might offer, you choose to show faces. . . that whole relationship with the photographer, the I See You See I thing, I really like that . . .