Thursday, 10 November 2011

The view from here

Imagine it is a lovely crisp autumn day, there are people spilling out of the nearby catholic church and I have arranged to meet Daisy and Kitty so we can take Daisy shopping for jeans. Our final destination is GAP for obvious reasons, but I had though that maybe we could look at some cheaper jeans in New Look first.

So I am standing on the corner gazing at this view with the sound of birds singing, the sun warming my face, waiting and thinking life is good, all was calm.

I then saw Daisy's face and I knew we were in for a rocky ride. She looked thunderous, still smarting from putting on weight over the summer, the idea was to buy some larger jeans so she was more comfortable. The weight gain has become the elephant in the room, it poisons the atmosphere wherever she goes, whenever we meet.

I am waiting outside the changing room and when I look inside she is just sat with her head in her hands, I get irked and she cries, really really cries. I cry really really cry. I have not cried for ages, (OK not like this anyway) I am not sure if I will ever stop.
It transpires the source of her current mood swings is some kind of contraceptive implant, she hates it, it is poisoning her moods and welfare. She had tried to have it removed but was told it was too expensive. I have given her a week to demand its removal before I start phoning and making very big waves.

After a group hug with Kitty the air cleared and we walked to GAP, Kitty wove her magic and 2 pairs of jeans were purchased. Daisy was happy...ish.

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materfamilias said...

Oh, this work is so very hard sometimes, isn't it! And sometimes rewarding, rousing the MamaBear that reminds us we are powerful . . . You ran the gamut of emotions and the three of you survived. . . this time. I love the way you finish your story with "ish" -- sometimes, the best we can hope for. hugs to all!