Monday, 30 January 2012

Girl Crush

Bloguettes let me introduce you to the delicious Dan Pearson, I have had a bit of a crush on him for years, he once graced our screens at a time when make over shows were just that, a chance to create something worth having, not with the focus on the eccentricities and cartoon facade of the presenter rather than the subject which was then a garden programme. Pearson soon left our screens and has made a career out of journalism and landscape gardening ever since and he is brilliant at both.
I caught him exhibiting a garden at Chelsea Flower show many years ago, he is hugely talented and my crush has remained, solely on his plantsmanship of course!
But this picture scanned from this weeks observer magazine is lovely for many reasons, the green coat is gorgeous, as is the scarf.

Talking of scarves , I have had some real luck with scarves recently and when I get around to photographing them I will post some pictures of my bargain acquisitions.

Second up again from this weekends Observer


Plaid plus nautical stripes is a new one on me, but doesn't it look good? There is a big exhibition coming to Tate Britain about the influence a huge show held there in the sixties had on British painting. I have booked a ticket for the curators talk, which I think will be more interesting than my college talk. So looking forward to that this coming March.

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