Monday, 9 January 2012

Was it a Merry Christmas?

Oh, the tales I have heard about Christmas, they would make last years play Seasons Greetings by Alan Aykbourn seem tame. I have heard 3 different versions of the same story from my mother, my sister and my daughter. The conclusion to my daughter's moody antics is for my mother and my sister electing to spend next Christmas in Australia. Far enough from Daisy to not feel the bitter chill of her frosty glare.

Kitty too at the opposite end of the country with the other family had to suffer, but she did so graciously in silence whilst her new baby brother was spoilt rotten.

And me? well, had the day fallen on a weekday it would be business as usual, Leyla would have gone to school and I would have painted. Instead it fell on a Sunday and so I decided we should have a jolly day out in Bellapais...Sadly rain stopped play.
We drove through torrential rain and it only stopped for a brief moment the entire day.
My uncle is a big fan of misplaced Santa's and so this one was for him.

The oranges were abundant hence scrumping, since the restaurant we planned to eat in was closed.

Is it me or is there something wrong with this picture? Clue, woolly hat + sun glasses!

But I did get to church!

and despite the grey rain soaked skies it was as beautiful as ever

Just a lot greyer.

but we did see our first double rainbow

and some blue sky on the way home.

By now we had fine dined at a Burger King! and I had endured a very expensive tantrum on the phone with Daisy. I decided it would have been cheaper to fly her out to spend Christmas with us next year, which is more likely than she thinks!


Lisa said...

Ah, families and Christmas... it's not like in the movies is it. My husband's mother and father wont speak to each other or be in the same room as each other (they only divorced 25 years ago, so obviously the wounds are still fresh). So we often have to have two identical Christmas days so no one is offended.

At least your daughter will grow out of her tantrums... I don't think my inlaws ever will.

I love the photos you've posted... just beautiful.

materfamilias said...

Wonderful photos -- I can barely imagine reaching up to pick oranges from a tree. And that Bellepais, sigh!

indigo16 said...

Lisa, not sure about Daisy, I like to think she will eventually be a little less egocentric, but I will not hold my breath!
2 Christmas dinners sound good though!
Mater, those oranges were so tart they made my eyes water!