Monday, 23 January 2012

London Art Fair Sartorial Style

Once again I was at an art fair on a Saturday (as opposed the the more sartorially oriented weekdays) , My intention was wholly scholarly, I was there to look, and I mean really look at how painters apply paint to the canvas. I did lots of work and garnered copious ideas. Of course there were some well dressed bodies around and I could not resist catching a few, they follow a recurring theme with me, which is wide loose top over narrow trousers. That is just the way I like to dress, having broad shoulders and narrow legs and hips I like the silhouette.

Not too good a photograph, but I was smitten by the art work as well.

I will never tire of that yellow, I have a small collection of cardies, but this one was gorgeous.

As was this stripy top

My favourite of course, you can never have enough grey jumpers can you!

I am currently working hard on a project for college, I learnt so much from the mistakes of the one and two year students last week at their presentation, (I am a doing it over 3 years) Not least the physical presentation of the art work which Is why I found this art fair so rewarding.

I am splitting my rationale, from my statement of intent, this will ensure clarity of purpose. I originally thought the work was all about me, but is fact it is as much about me being an art teacher as well as my painting, I originally failed to see this as a positive, but research as proven me very wrong, even Matisse did some teaching ! And so I am now writing about the impact my teaching has had on my work.

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materfamilias said...

It's so interesting to see that you're learning as much from the Process of the MA as from the Content. I'd say this was the case, in many ways, for my Grad work as well, although obviously all the research mattered. But the training to look more broadly, to approach a project from different angles, I think that's such an important aspect of the education. And I'm so happy that you're learning to value what you do as a teacher, that the scholarship and artistry in that part of your life transfers to your paintbrush or whatever.
And cool clothes shots as well. . .