Saturday, 28 January 2012


I had thought the days of tagging were at an end, and then this flies through the blogsphere and lands at my feet. So now I am not only an outstanding teacher, but someone out there loves my blog.



Lin's blog is everything I love about blogland, we are separated by thousands of miles and very , many years and yet we have metaphorically met and nodded our heads at some common ground. This is why blogging is great that feeling of being alone at a keyboard but not alone I love that.
I have often said, and it remains true that I would write this blog with or without any readers. Writing is astonishingly cathartic for me. I noticed this on holiday, I got really quite irritable about everything until I started to write it all down. Writing clears my head, something that irks is written down and I am able to put it in a metaphorical box and then move on. My head clears ready for another conundrum. It appears to be the same for my painting, I am finding that by writing down my rationale I am able to really make progress with my painting, as where once I was uncertain, now I have a clear focus as to the space my painting occupies. That in itself allows me up to paint more freely.
I don't check my stats because that would terrify me, I would start to write for someone else rather than just myself, and then instead of self indulgent cod therapy for me, it would become a commercial enterprise.

In fact I am very conscious of the lack of any commercially driven focus or rationale this blog has, it flits from incoherent rant, to featuring sartorial icons of style (tomorrows is just gorgeous) . I am also aware I have followers, sadly I will never know who, because accessories like that are blocked where I work, and I make a point of not using the computer at weekends since I am on it all bloody week. Many of the blogs I like are also blocked, so I rarely get a chance to read them either.

So when I was tagged last week I noticed a couple of extra followers had joined, I got quite excited really, and then the next day they had gone.. I don't blame them, but yet I still smarted!

I am wimping out of the tagging part, instead I pass on this award to all of you who diligently comment with little in the way of response, I am hopeless I know, entertaining, but hopeless. And to those who wandered over looking for cool elegance, It's here somewhere, just buried very, very deep!

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materfamilias said...

You deserve the recognition!
I've sort of, almost, kinda tagged you for a meme, but I know how busy you are with school and school, so ignore if you wish. Rules are posted over at my place.