Thursday, 31 May 2012

Chelsea Style

 These are my favourite Chelsea outfits, I have never been so late in the day or gone on a Friday, I thought it would be a wash out and then when the heat racked up I was glad to go latter and not so avoid melting in the sun. In the end it was a perfect night out, and my concerns over the lack of sartorial style were quashed in a nano second when I saw this dress above , It was so beautiful.
I then saw many lovely dresses and tunics and realised all the cool guys go after work on a Friday, as do all the corporate hangers on which made for a really great atmosphere and some good people watching.
The pollen shedding Plane tree's were a nightmare though, and made for some very itchy eyes and noses and a raging sore throat for two days after.

 The lining inside this jacket is divine, I do love men's clothes.

 This dress was lovely, not quite so apparent in the photograph, it was a heavy silk with lovely grey abstract patterns bled into the fabric.

This dress to was lovely too, I do  love a shift dress, despite my ever fattening arms!
So yes, a great crop of style this year, I will most definitely return again, same time same place next year.
This bumper crop of images will be the last for a week or so as I travel across Europe via Amsterdam and Berlin. I will hopefully return replete with photographs, although the weather forecast is grimly wet. I have yet to pack and for the fist time we are each carrying on our own luggage, so some difficult choices are being made.
Before then I have the RA Summer Show and a trip to the Royal Court on Friday. Yes, marking is over but moderation begins after half term as do copious trips with my students. And the circle keeps on turning.