Thursday, 28 June 2007

Heaven is a pair of warm legs

So far on EBay I have sold 78 and still going strong. My favourite part of selling is the addresses some as far as Spain, The Scottish Isles, Ireland and the best one a house boat. My wardrobe is leaner, the camisoles culled as have those bits of jewellery I never wear. I have sold enough to buy the girls a laptop and have enough leftover for some new skirts. Black skirts appear to be my new addiction I love collecting different styles, fabrics, lengths. However as temperatures have dipped into single figures, (you see my theory is correct it is now Wimbledon which backs on to Glastonbury and the rain just pours in biblical amounts in some places.) I cannot wear trousers in the rain I hate wet fabric flapping round my ankles so the skirts are on, I also hate being cold hence my love of body's over pretty bra and pants and my new love footless tights. Two years ago I stumbled into a shop on the Kings road that sold a fabulous range of tights, most more expensive than the outfit I was wearing but they were soo nice I bought 2 pairs, bottle green knee length and aubergine, theywere so lovely they did not cut off the blood supply to my foot like most One sizes do, so last year I phoned up and ordered a black pair, can I find them? no, black tights in a draw full of black tights not good. So online to only to hit a 3 week waiting list for my beloved Falke cotton touch so luckily came to the rescue I am now snug as a bug wrapped in deliciously soft Kunert cotton leggings no silly one sizes here proper fitted tights, perfect

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