Saturday, 30 June 2007

Whats in a name

I think I have finally grown into my name, I have noticed that very few people use their name in the title of their blog but I faced my demons and came out of the "boring dull name" closest to put it up in blog lights. I have always felt short changed in the name stakes my sisters got the pretty names Julia, Lucy. I not only got Alison but my second name is Jane no respite from dullsville their. My mother called my bluff recently and demanded to know what I would rather have been called and apart from Myrtle Buddle (yes she lived in my Grans village of Pidley!) I struggled to think of another name other than Hepzibah so I have finally embraced the name. I have noticed a lot of Alison's cheat and go for an abbreviation Ally Allie too much like Allyway for my taste. I teach an Alison its such an old fashioned dull name I am amazed people still use it, although the coolest band in the world (Pixies) wrote me a fabulous song
Naming my girls was a trial I wanted something girly but having taught so many students most names had been ruined by their personalities. I thought Daisy was unique but so did most mothers in the south east of England at a Birthday party she was one of 3 Daisy's. I was convinced Kitty was a boy so we chose Kit, so when out popped a girl we went for Kitty she has hated it for 11 years and kept threatening to switch to Isabel her middle name but since moving to secondary school she has decided she loves it. with Hello Kitty, pressies are always easy.
Leyla was very nearly Fatma but I worked very hard to steer him away from that, the English pronunciation of Fatma is not a nice sound. I had toyed with Saphire so I would have animal, vegetable, mineral! but it was not a Muslim name so never made the running. Sadly I will have no more children, 3 is hard enough work so its onto the pets......

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