Sunday, 10 June 2007

Wales 2008

After my father high tailed it to China I decided my mother needed cheering up so I booked a cottage in Cornwall for a week at Easter, before I knew it my sisters and niece had gatecrashed the party and we had a great if somewhat cramped holiday sans Leyla who went to her homeland in search of culture this was 2003.
2004 we went to the Pembroke coast in Wales again wonderful place and house but this time lacking gourmet food.
2005 Cromer in Norfolk, house by the sea but fog, fog, fog, great food but expensive and nearly bankrupted us all.
2006 Back to Wales found a supermarket so dined in using the aga, great success
2007 Flamborough Head wonderful bird watching, fantastic pubs but stayed in a barn conversion with tiny windows overlooking a caravan park I could have cried.
2008 Back to Wales the photos are the garden of the house we stay in and the view I have from my bedroom.. whats not to like
All this is now traditionally sans Leyla so I get to really unwind and relax I cant wait

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