Friday, 15 June 2007

Memories old, Memories new

Some tiny nuggets of joy have appeared, my A level moderation appears to have passed without a hitch and wonder of wonders Emin has a new job starting on Monday. His last pay check was back in February we have managed since then by cutting out all luxuries, but now he has passed his exams and changed his career for the third time in the 10 years Ive known him. Flush with money we can now spend Christmas in Prague, New year in Brussels via Cologne. My eldest two prefer to spend Christmas with their dad he has a huge family of brothers sisters cousins nieces nephews it is wonderful for them. Emin of course does not celebrate Christmas but enjoys travelling around Europe celebrating his birthday instead his favourite place is Berlin mine Stockholm last year we bravely drove to Copenhagen then on to Goteborg finally New Year in Hamburg. If you are ever in Copenhagen go to the Tivoli gardens it is just wonderful in the winter the first photo's is taken there the second 2 photos were taken at a lake a couple of hours outside of Goteborg an experience my memory has stored for life. Next stop Prague

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